How to hit confirm CC st.Hk into run?



Can someone give me tips how to confirm CC into run ? or if there is option select for this ? (I think I read about it, but I can’t find video/post)
I am getting a lot of CC, but for some reason I can’t cancel into run DP… help


Yes, there is an option select. To do it you just delay the run cancel so that if it’s blocked or a normal hit, then it’s too late for the run to activate, but if it is a CC then you will get the run. To help with the timing I tap twice, then hit the v skill. Maybe someone can explain it better than I can.


I think it’s mostly training just think about it when you press the button nad have your fingers on the run. If you see the CC press it.

That’s how I improve at it.

As said above you can probably also OS it, exact same way that you use with the st.hp but it’s probably a long delay.


‘Expectation’ does the trick.

Most people think they can just throw out and react to it, but if it actually hits/ CCs, they’re surprised. Be aware of what you do and want. If you throw out and dont expect a CC, you shouldnt have thrown it in the first place.
If you expect a fireball, it’s easy to jump punish it, if you expect a jump in it’s easy to AA it and if you expect a CC it’s easy to run cancel it: because you’re prepared for it, you expect it

on the other hand: you can just use the OS, through it does promote the wrong mindset or rather, doesnt train you to get into the right mindset