How to hold the controller


so im just wondering how the pros hold the controller, and if you’re using a fancy add on, how you WOULD hold a 360 controller.

im still semi-new to the game but im winning with a 50% rate, despite my inability to really do any serious combos.

currently ive just been using my thumb for all of the buttons ( besides the assist buttons, which is use my index fingers on)

anyways it works okay and whatnot, but im attempting to learn some combos, inparticular ROM with magneto and its just too difficult for me to get the airdash in with my thumb.

am i too slow or should i be holding it another way?


ya i dont have this game and like you i just started playing it a few days ago. but my friend does. he uses a stick and i use a controller, its pretty much hard to do anything in this game without a stick. I used his stick and everything is just so much easier.

but what i do when i use the controller is i reconfigure the buttons so that:


try that
but what i did for when i play my friend


perhaps theres some confusion, or maybe i don’t know what a stick is.

im using the control stick on the xbox controller. im just wondering if the pros lay there fingers out one to each button on a,b,x,y or something like that


Use a stick, like the ones you would find on an arcade cabinet.


alright people.

im not going to buy a stick, im just wondering how you would hold a regular 360 controller… not a tough Q if none of you good players out there are using a regular control then i guess im hooped.


You hold it to put it away and pick up a mouse and order a stick.


Seriously, the “pro” players don’t use a pad.


okay well refer to the question, how would you hold it?

i obviously don’t use one finger for everything in the arcade.

and alright, would anybody care to link me to a stick that they are using with the 360?


But I wouldn’t hold it.


I’m using a controller while I wait for a 360 PCB.

I put it on a flat surface and use my thumb and index on the Analog stick and I use my thumb, index and middle finger on the Button side. I put both assists on the Left Trigger and Left Bumper so I don’t have to change my grip mid-combo.

You’re pretty much forced to use two fingers on the analog stick because it’s really hard to double-tap forward dash and be ready to block since the analog stick has a lot of throw to it. As for the buttons, I’ve seen people that switch grips in order to do certain combos, like Storm’s Lightning Attack air combos. Ever since I learned fighters however, I’ve been one to rest my fingers on the buttons so a uniform claw position is my preference.

Basically I just play it like a tiny, incredibly uncomfortable, completely unnatural arcade stick. Honestly, not counting a couple of really good players, I don’t even feel shady chalking up 90% of my losses to the fact that I’m trying to play Marvel with an Xbox controller. There’s things crucial to the game that are just impossible or completely unintuitive on a control pad, like mashing out of things, LK+HP commands, PP Dashing, etc.

The analog stick is actually surprisingly responsive, but the DPad is complete garbage. I seriously double tap forward and get a super-jump or a fireball. Arcade stick is preferable if you can afford it, otherwise pad will do if you don’t mind unlearning a lot of things down the line.


i think this game is easier to play on a 360 controller than HDR or Sf4, IMO

Of course i use my stick, but i played all 3 on the 360 controller at some point. People who complain too much about the controllers still irk me a bit. The 360 controller has its problems, but MvC2 is definintely playable

Where is that picture of the win button photoshopped on the TE stick? it makes me lol


using 360 controller i would do like ec and sit it in front of you… use the stick…ect…

this game is easier with a stick… that being said i’ve met a lot of people who can do just as well with either… the major exception to this being the 360 controller… a dpad isnt terrible if its decent like the ps… but 360 d-pad can suck one…


If you’re not willing to chalk up for a STICK, cuz damn, i’m not made of monies, there are still SF4 controllers to be used, they’re 40 bucks-ish, and at least the d-pad is usable vs. the normal 360 d-pad which is, not exactly passible.


On an arcade stick, I use my index finger for light/medium attacks, middle finger for heavy attacks, and ring finger for assists. If I ever had to play on a controller, then I pretty much play on default settings. Light punch on X, heavy punch on Y, light kick on A, heavy kick on B. Assists don’t matter to me config-wise ('cuz I can tap them wherever), but I prefer Assist 1 on left bumper and Assist 2 on right bumper.

Unlike eczangief I only dash by pressing the two punch buttons, so I only use my thumb on the analog stick. I have my index finger on light attacks, middle finger on heavy attacks, and I can’t recall how I press my assists. I have a stick, so I rarely use my pad enough to remember what fingers I use for assists.


Well, this is on PS3, but I put my HP/HK on the shoulder buttons. It gets me all of the 2 button combinations easily, and there really aren’t any (that I can think of) times where you need to push 3 buttons at the same time. Plus, I’m used to HP/HK being there from SF4.


Sorry to be off subject but if money is the problem you can order that $50 stick that is everywhere (Mostly with Soul Caliber 4 Graphics)
Buy yourself a Octagon Gate from online for about $5-$7
Open up the stick, drill 4 holes into the Octagon Gate matching the old square gate screw holes.
It’s fairly simple, anyways, if you decide to do this just PM me I could help you with this very easily.
Takes 10 Minutes.
And eventually if you want to spend $4 more on a bat stick instead of the ball. (Alot of people complain about the ball)


If you absolutely must:

Left hand uses thumb on pad, and pointer finger on left trigger / bumper.

Right hand has pointer and middle finger on top of contoller, so you can hit 2p or 2k at the same time, or switch. Right pinky can curl around and hit bumper / trigger.


If you’re trying to ROM you really should have a stick. I’ve only met a handful of people capable of playing Magneto on a pad and that was a DreamCast pad which is 100x better for MVC2 then the standard 360 pad.
Really you could order maybe < $30 worth of parts online, buy a 1 1/8 drill bit, and make your own arcade stick. My first real stick was $25 in parts and an old speaker box my dad had in the attic and it was the shit (I sold it for $50 after I had it for years). Right now I’m playing on a box I made myself out of some red oak I bought from Lowes for 10 bucks or so, some Happ competition buttons I had laying around, and the joystick out of an old Elevator Action machine (Ball Top :lovin:). It’s ugly as crap and has wires sticking all over the place but who cares, it plays Marvel fine and it’s really just as good as any other stick out there for me. I didn’t even add the XBox button or Triggers because I don’t care about all that stuff, just shut up and play am I right?


LOL - pro players that use pad.


Pros use arcade stick…this aint Halo, kid.