How to IAD with Dante?

Hey guys, I usualy don’t make question threads but not one person was willing to answer my question in the other threads…

How do you IAD with dante? I see a lot of people mixing up their opponents with Acid Rain IAD, etc…

Thanks in advanced!

I do 2956M+H. You need to return to neutral after the superjump.

down up a+b.


I’d say Toki’s is easily the most efficient. Button dash is always the most clean and precise.

If you want to be able to block during the minimum height requirement for IAD, use button dash. Otherwise 966.

LM~H and LH~M is the easiest, safest and most precise way to do IAD j.H / j.M, so there really isn’t any reason to use another input imo. Maybe for pad players but even then, hitting two buttons at once isn’t very hard (the timing for the third button is not as important).