How to illuminate empty Agetec Dreamcast VMU slot with LED(s)?


Huge questions about the use of LED’s to illuminate the VMU slot of the Agetec Dreamcast Arcade Stick after a modder has gone about and decided to make the stick multi-system and retire the Agetec/Sega PCB of the base…

I know about the MC Cthulu and already have one installed in another stick base so PCB replacement is not an issue.

I don’t know that I can use the voltage from the MC Cthulu or that it is even advisable to do so with an LED… Seems to be the voltage for PCBs is small and that it’s not advisable to directly tie-in for lighting. Most LED set-ups described in the Tech Thread have been for transparent/clear pushbuttons or clear ball handles… and from what I gather, a lot of them use separate power sources (batteries). What I want to do is nowhere near that complicated but I honestly have never done much with electronics besides swap out lightbulbs, replace broken light switches, and car headlights. I’ve always followed online and or manual instructions that I’ve found easy to follow and generally don’t go far offline. My electrical knowledge is somewhat limited and I’m just not creative in an electrical sense.

Besides wiring (which gauge I don’t know) and solder materials (all of which I have)), what do I need besides the LED, a resistor (what kind?), switch, and power source (kind, battery)? I’m planning to keep the yellow “Start” button from the Agetec Dreamcast stick and attach it to a switch to turn on the LED. I know LED’s can be burned out quicker without the resistor to tune down the battery source. How I go about setting this up is another question. Admittedly, electronics and resistance charts were not my forte in high school!

The lighting mod schematics for pushbuttons also give me headaches… :sweat: