How to implement Home button?

Hi everyone.

Me and many of you might have an arcade stick for PS3 without a Home button, so that we have PS3 PCB, USB cord, but no Home button, so we cannot assign controller ports and not only due to that we have problems playing PS/PS2 games on our PS3s.

Does anyone have any walkthrough or clue how to implement the Home button?

  1. buy a button
  2. Cut a hole wide enough for your button
  3. insert the button onto the case making sure it’s secure
  4. Find the soldering points for the home button
  5. solder those points onto the button, one prong should be soldered to ground and the other to its line
  6. ???
  7. profit

don’t do it, just don’t do it

  1. done
  2. may be done
  3. may be done
  4. wtf!? (not “what” but “where”)
  5. may be done after 4 is not in “wtf” status
  6. this appears over my head

That’s the easy way.

well assuming that your ps3 thing is most likely from a pad all you have to do is look here

if your pad doesn’t look like this then take a look at this diagram(i know it’s a 460 pad but it can probably best explain where the solder points are the most)

notice where it says GU and it’s circling around some sort of metal point(and theres another metal point to the left of it but that’s ground. Find a point(well two really) somewhat like that on the board(based on what i’ve seen on a PS3 pad it should be above where start and select are). Plug your controller in, grab a paper clip and press one end of the paper clip on one point and the other point on the other one

chances are, if you have an official DS3 you won’t need to follow my above instructions and may just stick wires in and solder/QD it onto the button

or you can just don’t do it