How to improve EVO

This is something I have suggested before, and will suggest again, because I think it is something that is totally doable with proper planning and preparation. And it will do a great deal to make EVO a more enjoyable event for everyone.

Two problems that constantly kept coming up last year were 1) people being bored, and 2) people not being around in the main auditorium when their matches were called (possibly because they were bored and left).

Not only can we make EVO better, but we can solve both of these problems at the same time. What you do is have matches constantly being shown on the big screen, and have an MC announcing as each one comes up. Do this all weekend during the pools and the main brackets. If people hear that K.O is up for 3rd Strike, or Justin Wong or SooMighty is up for MvC2, people are going to want to watch that. People will stay in the hall and have something to do while they wait for their matches.

They key to making this work is not to just plug one MvC2 station or something into the projector and leave that running all day. Not only is that boring for people who don’t play Marvel, it’s boring for the Marvel players as well when they have no idea who’s playing. With a few hundred feet of S-video cable, output spliters, and a simple S-video input control switch, you could run this from the front and switch to each game whenever a marque matchup comes up. Only one station per game would need to be set up like this. And whenever like Daigo is up for CvS2, the person running CvS2 should put Daigo on the setup that is hooked up to the big screen and announce it.

If something like this could be worked out, I think it would greatly improve EVO. EVO is the premiere American tournament. It should be more than just a tournament, it should be a show featuring our best players. If you showcase and announce the best players everytime they are up, people will enjoy EVO better, especially when they show up at like 9 AM and find out they aren’t going to be playing until like 6 PM. This will also solve the problem of people running up and crowding the game stations whenever someone wants to watch Random Japanese player in Random Game.

The idea is simple:
Have at least one station from each game hooked up to the main projector.
Whenever a top player comes up, announce that match and showcase it on the big screen.
Give equal time to each game, don’t just show Marvel. Rotate between MvC2, CvS2, 3s, GGXX, Tekken, random bad game, etc.

People won’t be bored, they will have someting to do all day.
People will be in the main hall, so they will be around when their matches are called.
People won’t be crowding the game stations whenever they want to drool over Daigo playing some random guy.

A little extra time and money and planning to set it all up. But I think it would be well worth it.

i totally agree. great idea.

here’s another pro:
-maybe we’ll get better ‘highlight’ matches on the evo DVD.

I’m not sure hooking up 20 machines and switching them all is worth the benefit of watching justin ocv 5 ppl in his pool on the big screen.

Maybe from top 32 on down we just show everything. Not all the early matches are going to be that interesting that we should set up something special for them IMO. I have some ideas on how to handle the fanboy types that want to watch them all day but I don’t have time to lay it out in this post.

I also think we can get ppl here for their matches if we just make sure they know that it’s time, What i suggest is that the entire pool is notified 2-3 times in the hour before they are scheduled to start via page/text message. That way they will know when to play, AND there is 100% justification to DQ them if they don’t show. Whether that can be accomplished technically, whether there are costs involved in mass txt-messaging, and whether there is time to set up and test this, is another conversation, a fun one tho.

A con that might develop from this idea may be the fact that people who are currently playing their official EVO matches may wish to put their match on hiatus to see the big-screen matches. So, it might slow down the pacing of the tournament…

I think that is a problem in every scenario, but as long as evo does a good job of letting people know when they are playing, i’m all for some DQ Action on said ppl.

Slower pace or not… I’s a cool idea. Hella good.

I think a way to refine this idea is to only feature the pool finals or what might be considered “elite matches” between TWO good players.

cause as good as some people are, it’s just not worth MY time to sit and watch some random person get owned silly by a top level player.


Maybe, maybe not. I know, however, that most people wanna see Japanese players like Daigo play no matter who their opponent is. Even watching one-sided fights is better than random Marvel matches.

Akin to the interviews idea for the final matches, in the time it takes to set up/switch the consoles for the big screen, you could have someone set up the next match with information on who’s going to be featured next.

Given the choice most people would want the option to see any match live, plus download it on the internet for free at high quality later, plus a live feed of the start time of every match and a whole bunch of other things. But they don’t appear out of thin air, everything takes away from something else, and I don’t feel right with evo adding things to the already longest part of the tournament unless there are people and equipment and a setup for it, to watch less exciting matches on the big screen, plus then you have to have all the ‘top’ people on special machines and such, i don’t like that move, or at least before the top 32 or so as i said in my last post.

I’d like to see more actual playtime myself, exhibitions, maybe team matches for 1$ a set or something like that would interest me if that were possible… that way ppl who want to watch top players beat random ppl can watch them all they want, and it won’t require a ton of wires or extra tournament stuff.

We prolly have more people that want to be that guy that beat a top player in a casual match so they can talk shit on SRK for the rest of their life, than people who want to sit and watch them play.

You didn’t read what I wrote.

You only need one station from each game hooked up. You can only showcase one game at a time on the big screen anyways, so any more is pointless. For example, if the tournament games are 3s, CvS2, MvC2, GGXX#r, ST and Tekken, then you would only need 6 stations set up. When a name player is up at any game, the person running that tournament puts name player on the station that is hooked up to the projector, rather than the 5 or 6 other stations also running that said game.

Last year there were at least 30 TVs or so throughout the hall. With that many TVs, at least 6 will probably have video out built in to the TV. So really the only thing you need is really long extension cable. You can pick up a simple S-video switch box anywhere for cheap. Running S-video cables from the game stations to the front is the only thing really requiring money and setup. It doesn’t even need to be S-video, it could be done for even cheaper with normal yellow composite video cable if the projector has inputs for it.

I love this idea!! I wish I could be apart of it. Marvel Team Matches are better than just one on one matches. Though it all is casual.

Awesome idea. I am all for it. Only complications I could forsee would be when there is more than one top player up at a time. Who’s to decide that justin wong gets to be up on the big screen when pyrolee is playing? I think there would be some bitching. In my opinion, whoever is in control of the projector should have final say, and everyone can just deal with it. Beyond that, I think the idea is golden.

I’m all for this idea. Hell i’ll buy an extension cord, it cant be that expensive. If there is a time where more than one top player is one at one time, it should be up to the organizers. Maybe if its Justin Wong on Marvel, and K.O. on 3s. Maybe up to that point, they’ve been showing a lot of Marvel matches, so then K.O. should be on the big screen. And vice versa.

If say Justin Wong is playing Marvel at the same time when Daigo is playing 3s, only one can be shown. Obviously Marvel players and 3s players will want to see their respective game. But you can’t please everyone all the time. But how I see it, having any matches whatever they be showcased for everyone to see is much better than having none.

Pyrolee playing on console?

Are you smoking crack?

There are 7 games + 8 possible, i don’t know excatly how many
will end up at evo so lets guess 10.

I don’t think any of the evo tv’s will have tv out, but i’d love to be wrong. I used to have this 26" TV with video out and i loved it, but it was made a long time ago and broke a few years ago, I cried a lot that day.

Also maybe it’s just me but s-video tends to desync on me after 30+ ft or so, even tho i’ve seen longer cables and i imagine it’s possible, i would just go composite tho for the projector.

The problem is that if we take composite to the projector from a splitter, we are forced to also take composite to the TV as well. I don’t like that idea unless evo is already planning to use composite as the console output.

If the ps2s are going to be using component or s-video, the best option IMO would be to use the light gun adaptors (they provide an addtl AV output + a composite out), but 10 of those adds another 50+ to the cost of setting this all up.

I would also say to use one long shielded cable that goes the distance, without knowing the room evo is in, i would guess several 50-100ft cables (3-way RCA), ebay price is $10, I think they would be ~$5 to make by hand.

I can’t find a 10-port rca switchbox, but 4’s are pretty common for $10, and we would need 4 to take the signal down to the projector (a 12-3, and a 3-1).

Now the other part is the planning, I suppose evo could choose one player per pool and have them be the featured player and play all their matches on the designated machine.

The part i think is a challenge is to coordinate the matches while trying to actually run pools, I say just set it up initially and tell the pool judges who should be on the cameo machine, then when one match is over switch to another game, and whoever is on at the time you get to see.

I don’t think he is, since Pyro played on console through out MLG.

But that was a local tournament, wasn’t it? Doesn’t Pyro live near San Fran?

Hell, even if I hated console, I wouldn’t pass up a free local tournament.

weve tried the cabling issue over the past 3 years, and just dont have enough cable, they only sell it in 12 foot cables, so you need at least 30 with connectors.

No. Arcadia is in southern California.