How to improve EVO

Oh yea, he wanted spending money for SBO. I forgot about that.

On the topic of improving Evo, I think what Wizard should do is release more solitary clips of great moments in fighters like he did with Daigo’s full parry, because that clip made the rounds -everywhere-, not just in the FGC.

Stuff like Wong’s one pixel comeback and maybe Pyro’s half-parry of Chun SA2 into Genei Jin, and a bunch of other moments that I can’t think of right now. While this stuff may not be interesting to the FGC (as it’s been around for months/years), I’m sure other people would probably find it very interesting. Maybe you’ll strike gold twice like you did with the Daigo clip, who knows?

i say we do this but we rule out Mopreme as a big name of 3s so he doesnt get to play on the big screen. Just kidding.

I’m all for Mopreme’s idea. But cabling seems to be an issue. Standard S-Video cables are only 3 feet. I’m pretty sure that’s the limitation of the technology due to attenuation. So yellow cable it will habe to be