How to improve in MVC3?


Around two days ago, I had played MVC3 online for the first time. I did expect to lose a lot, but it gets annoying after a while. I have won some matches, but either I get hit by long combos and spams, or just have people run away from me, especially when I use Dark Phoenix. I cannot complain about that though, seeing I tend to rush in a lot, cannot advance guard very well (nor how to), and fail to high jump when I know how. I also know not to take this game seriously (and I see why -_-) My teams are:

Chun-Li (Hyakuretsu kyaku)/Trish (“Trick” Hopstoch)/Phoenix (TK Shot)
Storm (Whirlwind)/Wolverine (Berserker Barrage)/Phoenix (TK Shot)
Morrigan (Dark Harmonizer)/Storm (Whirlwind)/Trish (TK Shot)

My style is rather aggressive, and I’d say that’s my downfall. How can I improve?

  1. Online is ass. Take offline seriously. Have fun with online, but don’t get madhurt if you lose.
  2. Post videos if possible.
  3. No such thing as spam.
  4. Dark Phoenix. Eh.

**** specifics on what you’re losing to? Do you have good setups? Do you drop your combos/do your combos do enough damage?
**** advance guard … is two attacks. Just tap repeatedly to push block beam supers… and time the advance guard in your opponents’ strings. Sometimes it’s useful not to so they whiff an :s: or other slow move so you can punish.

From your teams, I can’t see the first or third being any good unless you elaborate on your choices
Second team is decent if you can get the meter for Phoenix.

  1. I played offline most of the time.
  2. Don’t own any recording equipment.
  3. I don’t think so. It’s sad how so many people resort to using one move over and over again, yet they’re so skilled when it comes to combos and such.
  4. Same.

I basically just do air combos, but it’s kinda like button mashing. I don’t do the combos usually done by others. I do play defensively.

And what is wrong with the other two teams?



If you’re losing to one move, why in the hell would your opponent use anything but that move?
Why would you give away anything more than what you need to beat someone, especially someone who loses to one move?
It’s YOUR job to figure out how to get around it, not your opponent’s.

Being able to do a combo is not evidence of skill. Not doing combos is not evidence of lack of skill.

That kind of thinking is part of the beginner’s scrub mentality that you have exorcise before you can begin improving as a competitive player.


There is a severe lack of order or cohesion in your teams. Chun/Trish/Phoenix is flawed because Trish doesn’t offer any means for Chun to get damage on point, since all of Chun’s offense is stopped by chicken guard (air blocking). Additionally, Trish needs meter to do decent damage, and isn’t much of a battery by herself.
Storm/Wolv/Phoenix runs into the problem of Storm being a poor battery for Phoenix, since her meterless damage is very low, even when you know how to do her better combos. Wolverine solo gets destroyed by smart blocking, and he can’t followup a solo Berserker Charge without spending meter.
Morrigan/Storm/Trish could be good, but only if you swap the order to Storm/Morrigan/Trish or something. Let Storm float while calling assist, but this team does not cater well to an aggressive style.

Basically, you’re playing characters and teams that don’t suit your strengths.

And stop calling combos button mashing, that’s blatantly incorrect. Also, don’t call “zoning” spam.


There is no need to get technical with me over these terms such as ‘zoning’, and I never said combos were button mashing -_-. I meant that I do use combos, but overall the way I play is somewhat like button mashing. Moving on from that, those are the characters I use the most, other than the Hulks, X-23, Amaterasu, Wesker, and Crimson Viper. Looking at the characters I use, what teams would you recommend if the current ones ‘don’t suit my strengths’?


Well if you like to mash buttons and not learn combos that maximise the potential of getting a hit on your opponent, may as well play simple mode. Competitive play may not be for you.

If your playstyle is ‘press buttons’ you still need to have each button count as something useful and not a ‘mash and pray’ that you’ll come out with the best damage possible by hitting randomly. You simply won’t be good enough in the game that has plenty of 1-touch kills.

You need to think of how each member of your team complements the other.
Non-Phoenix teams- DHC potential ± glitch, can your point character get in? Assist potential for extending combos, etc.
Phoenix teams - battery and keep-away assist to help, example: Wesker/Haggar, Storm/Morrigan

Cryoh gave a better analysis of your teams anyhow. We can’t pick characters or teams for you. Generally pick a character you want to do well with, and build a team around that character. It takes time to learn the intricacies of each, and those you can find within the respective character threads.


I see. Thank you. I do play mission mode to improve so that I would resort less to “button-pressing” and more combos. I do well with rushdown characters, mostly, but I heard a rushdown team is horrible.


No. Nooooooo. MvC3 heavily favors a rushdown-oriented team.


Ah. So what are some rushdown characters to use? I enjoy using Chun-Li and Wolverine, especially She-Hulk, Amaterasu, and Phoenix, but She-Hulk isn’t really rushdown-ish and Phoenix is too risky for me.


The MvC3 metagame is pretty well-defined at this point, but the general strategy of MvC3 is to have a strong point character that can get in + a good assist to cover the offensive point character (Akuma tatsu, Sentinel drones, Taskmaster arrows, Doom (all three assists), etc.), or a good assist to deny the opponent from starting their offense (Haggar lariat, Tron Gustaff Fire). Chun can do rushdown, but she really needs an assist that hits low (Wesker, Deadpool, Felicia, and She-Hulk all have assists that can hit low) to force the opponent to respect her airdash-oriented offense. Read up descriptions of all of the characters that you are interested in on the specific character forums to see who you want to play, but Wolverine is always good at rushdown.


There is your problem. You are new. So you will be ass for awhile. Make sure to learn from your losses. There isn’t a miracle button to make you better overnight, it comes with hard work and PATIENCE. 2 days is not being patient.


I never said I was trying to become godly at this game after a good night’s sleep, did I?


If you want to play a Phoenix team, you need to play the point/assist/anchor template. None of your Phoenix teams have a good assist supporting your point character, and the most important rule of a Phoenix team is that you need to plan to win without having to rely on Phoenix. I think most of us will agree that beginners should stay as far away from Phoenix as possible, because most end up using her as a crutch to make up for how weak they are with their other characters and they can win with her but on the long run they risk not learning how to be better in the game.

And She-Hulk is definetely rushdown. If you enjoy rushdown you can try using the Wolverine/Wesker/Akuma team and learn how to win with help from the tatsu assist.



Thats your problem. You are new at the game. Unless you are me, you will not start winning as soon as you pop in the game. Its extremely hard to do so and the only reason I won my first 12 games online was because I hit training mode with Wolverine/Sentinel/Akuma and tried to find some broken technology before anybody else could and I could show the world/SRK (Justin beat me too it. If only I had the game on the 14th… FUCK THE LEVELUP STREAM!!! LOL)

So my suggestion is to go to training mode and learn the combos, strats, resets, mix-ups, and everything else Mahvel and then after you are comfortable with everything, then go online and try it out.

Also, your teams… ewwww… lol.

If you like Wolverine and Chun-li, may I suggest a couple teams?

Wolverine (y)/Chun (y)/Sentinel (a) or Wesker (b)- I use to run this team to see the effect of Wolverine’s beserker slash into Chun’s legs. On hit, beserker slash knocks the opponent into her legs and you get a free combo. On hit, beserker charge knocks the opponent towards chun’s legs, they recieve chip and you get a free high/low/side2side mixup. Chun needs projectiles or a multi-hitting assist to cover her and also an OTG if you want pack a punch. So I put Sentinel and Wesker in as suggestions.

xxx/Sentinel (a)/Phoenix (b or a)- This is a true phoenix team. Why I say this? Because you can literally put ANY rushdown character in that first slot, and you will have a good team. Hands down. Chun-li will go great, because she can gain so much meter for Phoenix. So will Wolverine (look at Tokido)

There are more that I will list later.


Forget mission mode and learn good BnBs (bread and butter combos) you can find here on SRK in the character threads.
They are almost always more damaging and more practical. If you’re having trouble executing special moves, I suggest you practice said move on both left and right sides until you can do them for 20+ times in succession without messing up. You need some decent execution before going into more depth.

-And yeah, what Cryoh said about rushdown… it’s essential in this game.
It’s difficult to win with a purely keep-away team. But it doesn’t mean you can just mash a team together with no synergy.


Pick Tron or Haggar and/or Phoenix


pick an imbalanced team


I am just a beginner, but there has been so much growth in myself in playing this game. It’s nice to learn and see improvement in game play. Being able to do combos and even learning to punish and advance guard. Just stay patient and practice what you want to learn. Oh… and have fun.


If you wanna piss people off and get some wins, you can play Trish, Morrigan, Phoenix. Runaway all day with Trish while calling Morrigan assist until you get about 4 meters, then start fighting normally.

This is a purely keep-away strategy, however, which will be weak to teams with strong air-to-air options. Once you get Phoenix in, you will still need to know how to rushdown, as well.

The key thing you need to learn to do early on is how to mount an agressive, but safe offense. The basic idea is to attack, use your assist to cover you (or mitigate pushblock), resume attacking to cover your assist, repeat. As you get more comfortable with the game, you want to be running a mixup basically every time you go in for an attack.

(Tangent; one of the reasons why Wolverine is considered top tier is because Berserker Slash gets all of this done with minimal effort.)