How to improve.

I’m not sure how good/bad I am(I’m assuming I’m a below average Gouken player), but I would really like to improve. I’ve uploaded some of my most recent games to give an idea on how I play right now.(The video quality is really bad…but this is the best I could do with what I have right now, sorry).


So yeah, I feel like I’m stuck right now…I go to training mode to practice combos, set ups, ways to counter certain moves and so on…but the thing is, when I’m in an actual match, I end up barely doing any of them.

Please help if you can.

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I think this is a great thread. I was thinking of creating one where people can post their video play and then people critique it. That way you dont have the video thread getting flooded with every video someone records. I will post some of mine as well.

@Judo - I am by no means a Gouken expert so take my advice with a grain of salt but here are my observations.

Firstly not once did I ever see you cross up your opponent. Even in ripe opportunities where you got a hard knockdown you refused to cross up your opponent forcing them to make a little be more difficult of a block. I don’t know if there was a reason for this or not but it is one of the few things I look for when I play Gouken and go for it at just about every opportunity I can get ESPECIALLY in the corner.

Second thing I noticed that you combos were almost always a c.fp->palm. This was also true of your jump in combos. This is a good combo for damage assuming you land it but if you don’t you leave yourself open for punishment. Usually you don’t get too messed up for your trouble but sometimes you do. Beyond this though is that your attack is somewhat 1-dimensional. You are not tick throwing, no high-low mix up. If you start fiddling with c.jab->c.short->short or medium flip or just jumping you’ll find that throughout this string you have alot more options open to you. Like throwing after jab, earlier flipping, throwing an extra jab->jumping into dive kick, etc.

That’s about all that is obvious to me. Again I am myself a learning Gouken player so take what I have to say with a grain of salt.

The best way to improve is to notice what you do wrong, and to stop doing that. You can practice combos all day, but combos don’t prevent you from getting hit.

Keep playing other people.
Keep getting beat down…and learn from it.
Make sure you can have an answer to most, if not all situations.

Training mode is good and all for execution…then take that to the battlefield.

Match 1: Ouch. I thought you were going to get a perfect on him, not lose after getting Akuma to 5%. At the end if you weren’t going to zone and try and finish him with FB spam, you should’ve gone for a cross-up MK. Do note you could’ve still escaped the Raging Demon if you did an Air Hurricane Kick. Getting crossed up twice in a row like that was rough, in times like that sometimes it’s worthwhile just to go for a late EX counter. Since he used Demon, the worst case is he empty jumps and just throws you. You also like doing mid-full screen Palms way too much since they can easily be punished or avoided if the opponent is awake. Since nearly every single one hit I’m guessing the Akuma just reacted too late to DP or teleport.

Match 2: Stop wasting meter on EX Palm on blocked fierces. There’s no reason to do them and that link isn’t particularly difficult so you shouldn’t have any problems seeing if you hit first. And regardless of execution capability, you should always be able to land back throw -> Ultra. Any time you can land your Ultra off a back throw, do it. Round 3 was you just getting outpoked a bunch.

Match 3: I think you threw out normals in a non-combo like a dozen times. Max. It’s one thing to respect Guile’s pokes and another to just completely ignore the buttons on your stick. At max range it makes sense to just exchange FB’s all day because it’s a neutral proposition, but once you get close throwing FB’s lead to Guile getting in on you for free.

Match 4: You just got worked for not adapting to the opponent. Work on crouch teching and just block low more in general against Guy. A lot of them spam guess slides against FB chars and it’s free to punish. Same with when he was spamming spin kicks on wake up / in between block strings. He did this a lot, notice it and punish accordingly.

In general I think your biggest problem is your non-use of basic attacks. You barely use them in any of the matches and you avoid poking battles like the plague. Most of your problems aren’t execution, it’s throwing out laggy special moves when you could be poking with cr. lk or mk and working your way in with standing fr / hk.

@takinflight - I’d love to, but unfortunately I only have the PS3 version.

@Sweet Poison - That wasn’t my exact intention, but if you and other people post vids here, then it might be better to edit the topic title to better reflect that.

@Revik - Thanks for the advice. I actually noticed some of what you said myself after posting these vids, been trying to change how I play by “experimenting” with stuff in actual matches. Been abusing DF and his dive kick(j down +mk) a lot in these past couple of days and I’m really loving it. I’ve also been using FA more too. As for cross ups, it seems whenever I try to go for it I end up missing the hit with his and getting punished because of it…I’ve gotten better results with DF cross ups though.

@Hace - Thank you.

@Geese Pants - Thank you.

@Artowis - Thanks for the advice, you went and analyzed each fight, that’s way more than what I ever expected. I really appreciate it.

  • Your defense is weak

  • You are predictable and repetitive

  • You lack a gameplan

  • You are not punishing hard enough

  • Learn some resets. Once your resets are understood, leave them incomplete to bait reversals for free punish situations

  • Learn to tech

  • Learn which opponents lack decent over-head lead-ins (e.g. Cammy, etc) and block pressure accordingly. You failed to block correctly (see point 1 - i.e. you kept blocking high and were hit low) in many cases which cost you vitality. Against better opponents this could translate into much more devastating combos (e.g. Ryu can, c.lp, srk, fadc, Ultra. Akuma can, c.lp, c.lp, lk tatsu, hp srk). If an opponent lacks a decent overhead, block low and option select tech for grabs. Defense is important for Gouken as he can’t reversal out of bad situations sans resorting to an EX flip to escape, though that can often put you in a worse position or extend your stay in pressure-town.

  • Finally, grab more. There were a few grab opportunities there which you let pass you by. Granted the back-toss is easy to tech, sometimes opponents fail to do so. Additionally, forward throw is a good equalizer. It gives you much needed breathing room and allows you to work on follow-up pressure.

  • It was mentioned earlier - cross-ups. Mount some offensive and use to do so.

You’ve weren’t doing very good with your parries either. If you haven’t made your opponent fear it which elads to empty jumps you can abuse it. That akuma doing jab jab cross up over and over was just asking for a parry. Same thing with vegas wall jump attacks.

You don’t want to get predictable with it but you weren’t using it at all.

You also tried to throw as some very impossible situations, you were getting caught whiffing throws at sweep range. I don’t know what that was about.

A good rule of thumb is to diversify your attack scheme. Try to use all of goukens moves at least once in a round or match.