How to improve?


So I don’t have a stick or the game at home. I already watch a lot of vids on youtube, but it’s hard for me to know why some players do what they do, and I can’t survive an experienced player’s rushdown for the life of me. I am also not aware of lag on certain character’s moves, so I can’t tell when they’re open (like kyo and iori) so it’s very hard to gain momentum again. When I play, I can do mindgames, but my execution is terrible and my JD timing is off, even when I know what’s coming. CvS2 is my first fighter, so I’m new to the scene, but how would any of you suggest I get better? Should I just keep throwing money away at the arcade? Should I just invest in a stick and game (which seems overpriced and way too rare)?


For casual fun, then just play once in a while in the arcade. However, it sounds like you want to WIN, so I would highly recommend buying a joystick and copy of the game (ps2 recommended b/c it’s closest to the arcade version.) CVS2 can sometimes be found at gamestop and other stores with used games so you might get lucky if you call around.

If you want to improve your execution, then training mode will dramatically aid you.

If you want to improve on your strategy, then playing people will help you become more proficient at countering rushdowns, defense, etc.

The computer A.I. is not realistic so playing it might help you grasp a feel for blocking and attacking and etc , but soon you’ll realize that the computer plays NOTHING like real people (waiting, rc’s, comboing into supers, rushdowns, etc.)

I would recommend reading Domination 101 on the main page of this site. It’s a collection of fighting game theory and it should help you plenty. The D101 forum section is near the the bottom of the main page if I remember correctly.

And btw… Welcome to the World of Fighters! it’s always nice to see someone lose their virginity :sweat: fight on


CvS2 is definitely a good start of skill.

However, it is one of the most difficult ones. It is not “simple” and indeed complex in all its systems and subsystems of gameplay.

I suggest you get an arcade stick and a copy of the game, practice your combos and setups at home, go to arcade and get experience. Beat the games or play home arcade mode few times to get your combos down.

Do you go to Goftland?


why would you want to win in this game? it is dead. no one does tournies. people dont even play it casually in arcades. just go learn sf4 and hope capcom pumps out a cvs3 some day soon


Damn right. You can ask anyone that knows me, I love this game to death. But even I stopped playing.


Are you serious? Short answer: because cvs2 is better than sf4. As long as you can find people to play with, then the game isn’t dead, and there are a lot of people who like to play this game, and are very good at it.

I can’t believe how common this attitude is, even among respectable players. People, play the games you like best. Playing what other people like, instead of what you like = lame. Don’t be a mindless follower. Be your own person.:tup:


I just played people in the arcades today. And yesterday. And the day before. And there’s a tournament coming up at Nishi Sega. VIP has a tournament next month, and a-cho has a major tourney planned for the winter.

Dead where YOU live doesn’t mean it’s dead.


just because its alive where YOU live doesnt mean its alive.


as i reply to your post, there are a small fleet of cvs2 cabs in arcades across socal gathering dust.

and judging by nick t.'s post, the same shit going on in NY.

or maybe the rest of the fgc should ignore that and buy plane tickets to japan whenever we want to play.

or move there like some culturally confused weaboos.

my own person believes theres no need to play this game anymore. its fun. yeah. and i think its fun. and im the first person to jump on the machine if i see someone playing. but i never do. =/

threadstarter sounded like he was new to the fgc, and if you’re new and you want competition, cvs2 is not where to start atm. he should just go play sf4 like everyone else is (not me cuz i hate it) so he can get play experience, decision experience etc. and if a cvs3 were to come out, then he’d be better prepared through his time competiting than through his time trying to FIND COMPETITION. =/


the original poster has people to play with so… yeah.


truth. For all intents and purposes, the game is dead. Just gotta wait for cvs3 or a cvs2 re-release.


lol nice job guys

new guy: “hey im playing guys and getting beat how can i improve”

srk: “nigga play something different SHEESH”

getting the console version is the quickest way to go. if that’s not possible for whatever reason, then go to the arcade:

  1. think about why you lost, try to figure out a way to prevent it from happening
  2. ask questions to the people there
  3. try out whatever new strategy you thought of/that somebody told you
  4. if it doesn’t work, repeat

depending on how serious you are, in the long run it’s definitely cheaper to get the home version though


Thanks for all the replies. For the most part, they’ve been very helpful. I’ve been getting the “try 4 instead” mumbo jumbo a lot recently, but I refuse to give in! Seems as though I’ve got to buy myself a stick. Where would you suggest I get one that is PS2 (and preferably some 3rd gen console) compatible, and how much $ would a decent one run me?


Ebay would be the easiest solution for ps2 sticks, they’re getting tough to find these days.

Unfortunately, the US didn’t get a premium stick released for ps2 like the madcatz TE stick. The Tekken 5 hori stick is a decent japanese-style starter stick. Try calling these guys up:

They had the tekken 5 hori for just $20 there a few months ago.

I’m sort of in the same boat as you - I lose the vast majority of the time I play at arcades. Don’t get discouraged, and definitely ask questions - a lot of people are cool and will try to help. I’ve definitely improved from all my losses, and even though I still lose, usually it’s for different reasons than before :wgrin:


Street Fighter Anniversary Stick


The SF Anniversary Stick is actually pretty garbage until you mod it. The buttons are really hard to push in, and the stick is average at best. So unless you know how to mod it i would steer clear of it. Once that is done though its a pretty good stick if you dont mind the bulk, my friend has one that me and my friends helped mod and its hot.

I use a Tekken Hori for my PS2 games. If you feel up to it, you can also browse through the Tech forum for Converters if you cant find a PS2 stick you like.

Since you live in San Jose, either Sunnyvale Golfland or Milpitas Golfland would be a good place to play. If you are really really new, i suggest going to MGL as the competition is weaker there so you can level up without someone totally overwhelming you. But if you think you are at least decent, go to SVGL, the comp is much more fierce.


this game <3
ps hey what the fuck

this dudes from
the only place outside of JP where this game still kicks


Yea aside from me and the random , oh, 3 people that play it OCCASIONALLY out here, its done. Everyone’s hooked on sf4 right now out here.


the arcade is shit nowadays

just wait til cvs2 comes out on kaillera/p2p.
that will be revolutionary


Come to gilroy; I have a mansion, ps2, p360, and lots of time…
CvS2 will never die in the south bay!


Wepeel where abouts you live? Cos Ive been meaning to come down to Socal for some CvS2 and other games. Its really hard to get people together here in London for a session and I still want to improve in CvS2. Do you guys still do sessions for CvS2 in Socal? Also what about Keystone II (which is in Norcal iirc).

Planning to go Japan next year in March for a Garou tourney in Acho but I’ll definately be looking forward to playing some CvS2 there too.