How to increase the length of TE cord?

Is there a type of cable that allows the TE stick’s cord to get longe? I’d say an extra 5 feet or so.

And where can I buy one?

You can get a USB A Female to A Male extension cable, most computer stores carry them.

Edit: In fact, here:

Try and find a usb cord with 1 female and 1 male end.

woo thanks bro, 85 cents for a 6 foot cord? what’s the catch? :wgrin:

How long is the TE’s stock cord? Because you can only go so far with USB before you need a powered hub.

They cost about 4 cents to produce.

isnt the TE stick cord already super long? why do u need a longer one :rofl: is the best place ever to order cables. ive ordered a bunch of db-15s for project boxes, and a bunch of 15ft usb cords for controllers. prices are sick cheap, and there shipping is about 3 days, so no hangups there. highly recommended seeing as no cable will run you over 2 bucks, minus a decent hdmi.

Beware: I bought an active USB extension cable to extend my SE (active b/c the original cable is near the USB limit), and the XBox refused to recognize the controller. It just sat there with all 4 quadrants lit. The cable itself worked fine on my computer for other USB devices, so I think the XBox just knows that the extension cord is not an MS product.

Yours may be something else. I use an extension cable for my sticks and it works just fine. One is an EX2 and the other is a hack of an official wired controller. This is just a regular extension cable, not powered at all.

tie one end of the usb cable to a door knob … then the cable stretches out another 14 feet like stretch armstrong.

i got a retractable extension USB cord, that thing is awesome.

Max USB 2.0 cable length is 5 meters. Try to keep it under that and you ought to be fine.

The spec isn’t based on length, but transmission speed; 5m length is just an educated guess by the USB-IF. If you for some reason got a bunk cable or adapter, it could cause a problem even at < 5m.

Yeah, I read that the max length is to give reflections time to settle, or something like that. You can use active/powered extenders to go longer (each link under 5m), and the cable I have works for my USB drive on the PC, which is why I doubt it’s the cable.

And to the other poster who mentioned passive cables, I’m probably going to try that next (just a short one, since the SE cable is already like 13 ft).

Anyone out there successfully use an active USB extender cable with the 360?

Feel like I’m tilting at windmills …:looney:

I just tried the active USB extension cable (15’) with a few other things, and surprisingly, it worked just fine for extending the wired play-n-charge controller. It did not, however, work with my wired Guitar Hero guitar - for that, it just sat there dark. So to recap:

active USB extender (15’) cable:

WORKS for standard XBox controller/play-n-charge
FAILS for Madcatz SE
FAILS for Guitar Hero wired guitar

Any ideas??

I bought one that extended it an extra 10’ and it works on my 360 with both the SE stick and the fightpad. I haven’t tried my guitar or drums yet for rockband, as I don’t really need those to extend, but maybe i’ll try to see what happens.

The PnC doesn’t do any actual USB work, it just takes power. So, your xbox does NOT like that ‘active extender’.

Mind if I ask where you got your extension cable?

I can get bulk USB cables cheaply through one of my business suppliers. I’ve tried 5m+ cables and they all work fine.

Pretty much, the better quality the cable (with good shielding) the more distance you can get before it causes hassles. I suppose that analogy works with any type of cable, not only USB.

Some of my customers have printers and such hooked up to PC’s using over 20m of USB without issues as well.

Best buy…Way more expensive than what I could’ve gotten for one, but I was impatient and wanted one right there and then.

Edit: It has the geek squad logo on it, which is why I think it was more expensive. But yeah it works well, so money well spent I guess.