How to input shoryuken as anti air on reaction?



hey guys… I am learning SFIV in preparation for SFV, so I would like to lean good basics.
My question is how do you guys input shoryuken on reaction as anti air ? I read that the best and fastest way is to press Down+forward (so Ryu goes into crouch motion) and than i input fireball motion +MP? (MP cuz it has most invincibility frames, so you can do it late)
Or should I use input shortcuts and press 2x diagonal down and forward and than MP?

How do you guys do it ?
Hope this question is not stupid cuz I am beginner :slight_smile:


Do whatever feels comfortable to you. I believe both of those shortcut methods will still work in SF5. I just do the regular shoryuken motion: forward, down, down+forward, punch or just tap forward and then do a fireball. But I do think that learning regular motion is more versatile than just learning the shortcut so I do recommend you start from that. You can practice anti airing by setting the dummy to record and have him jump attack at random intervals and then start practicing anti airing the dummy. This will also teach you which anti airs work at different ranges.


I know this is kind of a late post, but here’s something I just figured out. You know how everyone tells you to do forward-hadouken to get a shoryuken? Well, hadouken is down, diagonal-forward, forward. This works, however you can cut a split second off of your shoryuken, by not inputting the last forward. It isn’t necessary. So your shoryuken will be: forward, down, down-diagonal and punch. This helped me a lot, so maybe it’ll help you too.


I like to whiff or st.lp then buffer a non-shortcut srk (F,D,DF) during the animation and throw fireballs in between.
If you ever watch John Choi or other great Ryu players, this is common practice and makes it easier to react.

You should definitely learn to do the shortcut though, as it allows you to uppercut from crouching easier. This gives you more time to react and makes uppercutting deep easier as well.
A deep uppercut has the added advantage that you get the second hit of the mp srk as well and you take full advantage of the srk’s invincibility frames, meaning that you also eliminate the risk of a trade.
The shortcut is: DF,D,DF>Punch
It’s quick and easy to mash

Also important that you do not have to anti-air with uppercuts at all. At the start it is much easier to learn your regular anti-airs which helps you cover a lot more ranges and introduces you to the concept of thinking about your positioning.

standing heavy kick for jumps coming in from far away
standing heavy punch for jumps that would make you whiff an srk if they are empty
standing light punch for ghetto anti-air against cross-up tatsus or divekicks
and crouching heavy punch for everything you would use medium srk for (kind of as a crutch because uppercut anti-airing is very hard as a beginner).


Just do the wiggle. Start at df, wiggle to d, then df press p.


I don’t know if it’s just me. But I tried switching to this for a day and found it was a let down. Doing both at full speed with efficiency left me feeling like it was slower, I can’t seem to avoid shinku hadoken every now and then either. I can’t do it any quicker than the normal motion, pressing forward just long enough to register and then jiggle out a quick loop feels far less jerky. It also feels like more effort to do as well as more muscle. I feel like I’ve gotta be missing something. The only time I can see this being worth using is sitting around with your stick held down-forward waiting for a jump that probably won’t happen. Sometimes I think I’d throw money at a pro to post his combo motions in slow-mo (if I had any).


If you get Shinku Hadouken when wiggling, you’re ending in forward.
Just make sure you end in DF before you hit the punch.
That’s easiest if you’re a stick user and use a square gate.


I’ve since given it more practice and I now slap the stick twice down-forward with a tiny dip the second time to trigger the down motion. Thanks for the advice. I was being sloppy.


The wiggle method is the best method that I know. df->d->df HP or MP. You gotta do the df early so that your ryu is crouching. It will lower your hitbox and allow you to hit your shoryuken as deep as possible. Once you get the deep shoryuken down, you can just use HP srk every time as it does more damage.