How to install a PAEWANG PCB to a HRAP3


Hey guys,

I have a Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 for PS3 and i just bought a paewang pcb so i can mod the stick to be 360/ps3 compatible.
I’d like to know if it’s possible for me to use the 4 buttons that are on the small panel on the upper left part of the stick (The Turbo, Home, L3, R3) buttons. I’d like to use the turbo for the turbo on the paewang, the home for the home and the l3 and r3 for the l1 and l2 buttons.

Can anybody help me ? Did anybody try this ?



Using the Hori turbo panel? Not without alot of work.


And do you know how to do it ?


Nobody knows it ?
Can anybody help me ?


Up ?


The Hori turbo panel AFAIK does not line up correctly with the Joytron PCB. Your best bet is getting rid of it altogether and either drilling a hole for a turbo/swap button or wiring the turbo to select.

Also, I believe that the Joytron PCB does not support L3/R3 inputs.



1 - find the four circles on your HRAP3 turbo panel PCB.
2 - determine which half of each circle is common ground, and which is not.
3 - scrape the trace coming from each of the NOT common ground halves. be sure to scrape in a place where you can solder a wire to it and it won’t add height to the PCB or interfere with button operation
4 - solder some 36gauge wires (30 might work. maybe 26s too if they aren’t solid core) to your newly scraped soldering points. keep wires flat so they don’t add height.
5 - connect those wires to the points on the paewang PCB corresponding to what button you want them to become.
6 - back to the HRAP3 PCB, scrape the trace coming from any one of the common ground halves
7 - solder a wire to that new solder point and connect it to any ground point on the paewang
8 - put everything back in place and pray to your god that it will fit

you may also need to remove the chip from the HRAP3’s PCB, not sure.