How to instant air teleport?

Hi, I’ve been messing around with sim recently and have found playing him fun. Although when I watch videos of some sim players they often air teleport very close to the ground and preform an air attack (Fierce). I just want to know what the execution for this is as I can’t get the teleport close to the ground. Any help on this would be appreciated.

:dp::r::uf: :3p:

thats the standard im pretty sure

Thanks don’t know why I didn’t work it out sooner.

Instant Air Ultra 2

:qcf::qcf::uf: :3p:

Best way to do double QCF x2 to the right on SSF4’s engine:

(ride the gate)
:d::df::qcf::uf: :3p: or :3k:

The up-forward press doesn’t actually make you jump due to the buffer system in the game. It simple ASSURES that you’re completing the motion before hitting the activation buttons.

Thanks again. Now I’m glad I joined this forum, being here will definitely help me improve. Thanks again. :slight_smile: