How to interview someone?

I have this assignment in one of my college classes where I must interview a business person (management level or higher) about things like stresses and problem-solving when dealing with people in the workplace, cultural diversity, etc. But, of course, I have no idea who to interview or how to go about arranging for one. And I’ve never been an interviewer before.

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Well it’s pretty difficult to just talk to anyone in those higher up positions. You might want to talk to the company’s HR or if they have one, PR department and let them know what you’re trying to do. It definitely helps that you’re a student. Just ask if they have anyone that might be willing to participate in your assignment.

As for the interview itself, it’s nice to go in with a number of questions that you want to nail down, but I tend to let the interviewee guide the conversation. Simple questions can lead to longer and more in-depth answers if they’re given the space to explain themselves. So that means no yes or no questions, and having them be more open ended.

I’m speaking as someone who went to school for journalism, and been working in the field for about a year now. Best of luck.

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