How to invite friends to a match?

I feel real stupid asking this but I just spent last 20 minutes looking for an invite friend button when I create a lounge and I am not seeing it. Am I just completely blind? I am on PS4 and my friend is on PC. I figured out how to save him as a favorite but the only way I can figure to invite him to my lounge is to put password on it and have him search lounge looking for me and pray that it shows up on his search. Please tell me I completely missed something and that I must be legally blind and that it is really really easy to do. Thanks in advance

After you create the lounge… hit triangle to get into the sub menu > Invite > Enter Fighter ID.

Hope that helps.

At least u can find and add your friends in favorites. I just get this fighter id is not register when i try to find my friends. So obviously unable to invite them in lounge because of that. They need to sort this out quick.

Thank you very much…yep…yep…I am legally blind it seems