How to keep My Chun " Agressive"?



I’ve been using chun since SSF4 was released, I can link most of her combos without a problem, and preform the basics but as soon as someone plays agressive against me I’d lock down and most likely lose.
My game play style is more of a turtling chun which i know isn’t the right way to play her, What are appropriate block strings , pokes and ‘agressive’ tactics for chun?
What can you do to stop and opponents block string ?
Thanks =S


don’t try to do reversals during block strings


You’re asking how to be aggressive but you’re telling us your defense is bad.

Chun’s offense isn’t as devastating as others (she can do a lot real fast though), so you need to watch out for reversals and jumps. That requires a lot of control to pay attention to your opponent’s ways out of your pressure while you press your offense. If your opponent turns the tables on you, most of the time you just need to take a deep breath and tough it out by blocking (not mashing jab until you die, not desperately holding jump).


It’s a block string, you shouldn’t try anything or it’ll link into a combo. They would probably go into a tick throw sometimes so try tech-ing the grabs at the same rhythm they’re hitting you at (I did not find this out on my own lol, just in case he sees this post). Try and keep short intervals between pokes so it seems like a block string/pressure, that’s how I like to keep them in the corner.