How to Keep My FightStick Clean?


So I have had my Round 2 Tournament Edition FightStick ever since Christmas 2010 :lovin:. So not very long. But since I’ve played it so much, It has a bunch of dust and fingerprint smudges on it.
I can easily remove dust, but I just use my hand, so that just creates MORE fingerprints. So i’m asking, how do I keep it clean? Or better yet, how can I just clean it off every once in a while?
I don’t wanna use simple things like a wet rag because i’m sure that it can harm it pretty badly :shake:. Any tips on how to remove dust and fingerprint smudges?


Best way to keep your fightstick clean is to not use it.

Joking aside if you’re worried about fingerprints (which you really shouldn’t) the stock artwork is laminated so just wetting a rag then straining it is perfectly fine.


I like NOVUS #1 and a microfiber cloth to keep plastics clean, lustrous, and keep from scratching. arthong sells it with his plexiglass covers/cases. But, it is a general plastic cleaner, and the microfiber prevents it from being scratched. Welcome to Art’s Hobbies

NOVUS #2 can help remove small scratches, and NOVUS #3 is for deeper scratches. But, if you take care of it now, you won’t have to worry about scratches.


Little alcohol wipes. Use them occasionally and wipe off with a towel/ whatever.


I’ll use my shirt to wipe of sweat and grease during tournaments and stuff. I can assume you always carry a shirt on yourself.


If you have replacement plexi, avoid alcohol, It can make the plexi crack if it touches the edges. I use that LCD cleaner stuff.


Another good option is eye glass cleaner.