How to keep pressure on shotos and blanka (or anyone with quick wakeup reversal?)



I straight suck with this guy. Yeah i can do some bnb combos and what not, but I just can’t seem to get in range to start throwing them out. Especially against guys with 3 frame dp and even blanka gives me so much problems. I feel like i lose half my life bar getting in so i can pull off a combo. But even after that or after a knockdown, I can’t really keep the pressure up due to fear of electricity or dp on wakeup. if i block and they don’t do a wake up reversal, it just feels as if the footsie game is weak. even if they block my initial string of cr lpx2, st rh x ducking, they always seem to throw out low jabs on reaction to the ducking. I can never get into the range. I’m watching videos of marn, kimokoan, other guys in the video thread, and they are doing exactly what i want to do - f+mk or f+hk meaty and then into cr lk/lp combo string with ducking reset if its blocked. but damn, people at a “lower” skill level aren’t so careful. they are much more willing to throw out that cr jab and it really is throwing me off. Shotos i can kind of just beat out with just damage and smarter play but i dont seem to get the win because of pressure combos.

And the blanka i play is getting really smart, never throws out blanka ball, always has electricity out, and i can never seem to get into a range to punish the electricity. when i get into sweep range he just hops back etc. idk. frustrated that when i play any other character i have either a good crossup or zoning tactic to help me but with dudley i just don’t know what the move is that i’m supposed to be using to kick ass. please help. lol.


You’ve answered yourself. Don’t use things that can be punished by mashing against people you know will be mashing. If you KNOW their reaction will be a reversal DP/Ball/cr.LP then start using Cross Counter or just block and punish their unsafe strings. Even backdash on their wakeup. Dudley’s back dash is BOSS! Make them scared to do it. Then you can start employing those Marn/Eriken mix ups on wake up because you have cast doubt in the mind of your opponent as to whether they should reversal or not.


when u say punish their unsafe strings, what do u mean exactly for those matchups? lets say i get a throw in on a shoto and I hold low block in fear of a reversal and it doesn’t come. At that point i am in footsie range or just right outside of it, what do i do? hold my position at that distance and try to cr mp/ cr mk a footsie attempt or jump over a fireball? It just seems like i’m not taking advantage of the fact that I did get the knockdown. this could be more of a mental block for me and maybe i’m underestimating the psychological effect that having dudley breathing down my opponent’s neck will do to him.

Is there a way that I can throw out a meaty and still be safe from a reversal? for instance crouch tech lets me either tech a throw, put out a cr lk or block, is there a certain option select that i can put out so that if my opponent does nothing or blocks my cr lk connects and if he attempts a reversal i will block/dodge it?


Against shotos, for example, Ryu. You can bait the shoryuken by standing right at the hitbox limit and crouch. If he throws out the shoryuken he cant FADC because it will hit late, after it leaves the ground. Same way with Guile and his Flash Kick. As for grapplers like Gief, Hakan, T.Hawk, you can try to bait the SPDs or just stay outside of range. I don’t always win against those characters, of course, nor I’m an expert Dudley player, but I’ve done that stuff and it works.

If I’m wrong in something please correct me.


I was shown this the other day and it is pretty useful against average players.

After a throw you should be RIGHT ON TOP of your opponent. Not at cr.MK range. You need to be right next to them. Against anyone with a 3-4 frame reversal, you can do a LATE crouch tech on wake up. If they mash out a Reversal, you will block. If they stand and throw you will tech. If they don’t block low they will eat your cr.LK and you can combo into cr.LP > st.HK xx… If they back dash, you can start learning option selects.

Only thing you have to worry about is people doing delayed reversals, but you’d be at a high level before you see that.


A big thing to get used to is to get the hang of the last second mix up. If you are getting hit by reversals a lot on wake up, but don’t want to scare them out of throwing them out, so you can get a free punish in, don’t just get near them and then hold down+back. You have to walk straight into them until the very last possible moment, then hit block. This way they will panic and continue spamming because when you are standing and walking towards them, they will tend to assume you will continue on to a meaty attack. Then just punish accordingly.

The same thing is needed for the rest of Dudley’s mix up game on wake up. It is always wait until the last moment, then pick your high/low/throw mix up. You go high a few times, then when you get them on the ground again, wait until the last second before hitting crouching LK. The opposite applies just as well, walk up and crouch to make them think you will go low, and at the last moment, hit the over head. Once you manage to fake your opponent out once or twice then you can start just going straight for obvious attacks since they won’t know which way to block.

But if they always mash out a reversal, its just a matter of continuing to condition them think their reversal will hit, and then just block. Repeat the process until you win or they stop doing it.
As for keeping pressure up in general though. Just get them to the corner and know your Zoning Tools (standing MK for AA and the like). Sometimes you can just back off a bit and they will freak out about being in the corner. Which makes them start jumping in or attempt other unsafe attacks to get out. That’s where you can just punish on reaction the easiest. Other than that, just get those links down ultra tight and expect to eat a few spammed out reversals in any given game no matter what.

Also, Blanka is a pretty even fight, maybe in Dudley’s favor even. A few things to note:
You can cross counter the second hit of his ultra 1.
Crouching MP will beat electricity (I am not sure if certain distances or strengths of their electricity mess this up) But generally if they whiff electricity near me it is a free cr. mp xx MGB combo.


So i can throw out the meaty lk then? see i dont understand why this works. I know that the meaty connects because the opponent wakes up in the active frames but what i dont get is how its safe if they mash uppercut. i would think that the cr lk attack would get hit by the dp? So with a late crouch tech, I wait for the animation of ryu getting to his feet before i attempt it? bah i guess i’m just gonna go to training mode and record ryu mashing dp and hopefully i can get this pressure option select figured out. let u guys know later


cross counter also works on electricity every time


When I play Ken and this happens I don’t reversal Shoryuken once or twice then I hop straight back to it, punishing all the people who think that ‘they can educate a ken.’ It is better to have shoryukend and lost than never to have shoryukend at all!


It isn’t meaty. It is late. You do it late so you are blocking during the active frames of any 3 frame reversal.


ah ok that is much more clear. gonna try this out.