How to keep QDs on the buttons?


ok so I got a custom psx stick and the one problem I have with it is that the QDs randomly slip off of the buttons. Like i was playing this tourney match and the buttons were fine during the button check but the /\ button QD just slipped off the button and I lost the match because of that:mad:. also random shit just happens like I would be carrying my stick around and random QDs would just fall off the buttons and I would always have to check to see if they’re all on.

Long stories short Im trying to figure out a way to keep the QDs on without soldering them onto the buttons. any help appreciated. Thanks!


You can take a pair of pliers and apply a bit of pressure to the QDs so they don’t fall off?


Are they the correct size? If not then you should crimp on some new ones. You could also use some electrical tape to keep them on.


If the QDs are the proper size, they should be on there pretty damn securely. It’s possible to crimp them a bit, but it kinda kills the reason of having QDs, and you may as well solder the wire to the button at that point, if you’re that worried about them falling off.


you should be using .110 for buttons


yeah I was using .110 QDs on sanwa buttons but they were still slipping off though. Illl try to crimp the buttons


This. Get some needle nose plisers and give them a little squeeze. They definitely shouldn’t be loose.


I use the same QDs and for me it’s so tight that it takes a while to take them off.


What kind of wire are you using as well? I noticed that my original ribbon cable that I used when making my button wires was a high guage solid strand, and the QD’s kept falling off. What I’d recommend is go stranded, and also, when you strip the plastic coating off the wires, strip a bit more than you usually would, then bend the stranded cable, and crimp the bent cable, so you have double the stranded wire that is being crimped, for an extra secure connection.

  1. Twist wire
  2. Wrap around button once
  3. Knead through hole
  4. Forget about shitty problematic quick disconnects.


.187’s fit just as tight of done right.


show us a pic or something?


Got a pic of what this looks like?


i prefer .187 myself, easier to deal with if you know how to do it right.