How to kick the crap out of Castlevania 1 tutorial

Part 1:


Part 2:


I have several 1 life playthroughs of old NES and Genesis games if you want to check them out, click on the playlists. This game I just thought I’d post some annotations so people can figure out how to beat this game without relying (or even skill) and just solid strategy.

I really enjoy watching videos like these. Thanks for posting them, going to go watch some more.

So this is the secret to your ST training!

Hell ya

Hmm I try to put up a new game every few days but it’s a lot of work getting some of the ones I haven’t played for awhile down. I watch a lot of other vids to find some strategies then try to impliment my own.

also if you are into these older games and this type of video then check out (LOTS OF GREAT STUFF HERE) (good tips, some of the punchout strats aren’t that great than for other than beating the game, but his videos are really groovy)

Next set is up, classic Double Dragon 1 on NES.

Good shit in here.