How to kill Arthur: The Firebrand Combo/Mission mode thread



Title says is all. This is the combo thread. I will try my damnest to maintain this thread properly.

Its gonna be 3 post. 1st post is gonna be solo combos. 2nd post is gonna be combos with assist and 3rd is gonna be team combos.

Firebrand’s Move List

[details=Spoiler]:l: light
:m: medium
:h: heavy
:s: exchange
:atk: any attack
:atk::atk: any two attacks
:a1: assist 1
:a2: assist 2

Special Moves

Hellfire spit– :qcf: + :atk:
Air Hellfire spit(in air) :qcf: + :atk:
Demon Missile– :dp: + :atk:
Hell Elevator (on ground)/Hell Dive (in air)– :qcb: + :atk:
Bon Voyage (ok in air)-- :qcf:+:s:

Hyper Combos:

Dark Fire (ok in air)– :qcf: + :atk::atk:
**Chaos Tide-- **:dp: +:atk::atk:
**Luminous Body-- **:qcb:+:atk::atk:[/details]

This is Firebrand’s mission mode brought to you by Finger Cramp



Solo Combos

cr. L, cr. M, cr. h, S, sj. M M H xxx Devil’s Claw, Hell dive L, S, sj. M M H xxx Bon Voyage, dash back, S, sj. M M H S, land, Dark Fire,

Damage: 551K

Cr. L, Cr. M, St. H, S, sj. H xxx Hell Dive M, sj. H, land, st. M, st. H (2 hits), S, sj. M H xxx Devil’s Claw, Hell dive L, S, sj. M H xxx Bon Voyage, Dash back, S, sj. M H, land, Dark Fire

note You can simply throw and super when you are in the corner.

Instant overhead combos… swag…

X-factor loop:

[cr. H xxx Hell Spitfire L] xN (repeat as necessary)

Avaliable in all lvls of X-factor.


***Combos with assist ***


Team Combos



Ok guys start posting.


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You could probably list his X-Factor stuff, like cr.:h: xx :l: Hell Spitfire loop, and his combos off of air throws using :h: Hell Spitfire.


Heres a combo after you land a front or back throw:[365,400dmg] [Requires 1 bar]

Throw,:qcf::h:,Dash,:l:,:m:,:h:,:s:,sj,:m:,:m:,:h:,:d::h:,:qcb::l:,:s:,:m:,:m:,:h::qcf::s:Bash dash,:qcf::atk::atk:


Variation on BNB1:
:l::m::h::s::u:j.:m:j.:m:j.:h::d:+:h::qcb::l:[land]:cr.:h::s::u:j.:m:j.:m:j.:h:j.:h::qcf::s:s.:h::s::u:j.:m:j.:m:j.:h:j.:h:j.:s:[just off the ground] j.:qcf::2p:

I’ve been using that. Firebrand’s air chain is actually :m::m::h::h:, not the standard :m::m::h:. Also, why the dashing after the wallbounce? His s.:h: sets them up for a tight relaunch series. Either way, I’ll have to check the meter gain/damage on that compared to the other, it may scale a bit.

Variation on throw BNB:
[Throw] :qcf::h::qcf::s::m::h::s::u::j.:m:j.:m:j.:h::d:+:h::qcb::l:[land]:cr.:h::s::u:j.:m:j.:m:j.:h:j.:h:j.:s:[just off the ground] j.:qcf::2p:


Not worth it. Throw > super does 415k. If you have no meter it’s obviously better, but if you already have a bar just do throw > super.


Yeah, my bnb1 variation is no where as good. The dashing/less hits gives corner advantage and more damage.


Firebrand BnB: up to 606k damage*
:d::h:,:s:, sj, j:m:,:d::h:,:qcb::l:,:d::h:,:s:, sj, j:h:(1 hit),:qcf::s:,:h:,:s:, j:h:(2 hit),:s:,:qcf::atk::atk:

*The damage varies depending on where the combo is performed; bon voyage causes more hits (more scaling) depending on how far along the ground the opponent is dragged. The closer you are to the corner the more damage it will do. With maximum scaling on bon voyage, the combo still deals around 570k damage.


To be fair, you should add something in the beginning of that combo as a hit confirm because :d::h: is unsafe on block. People will eat you alive if you do use that as your BnB.


Im gutted I havent been able to get the Guide yet, this thread has helped me lots and I quite intend on building a team around Firebrand. Though I’m still quite new and bad at (U)MVC3, I’m wondering what normals of his I can combo from. At the moment I’d spend all game trying to land a c.L or a throw in order to start a combo.


So Firebrand LV1,2,3 in luminous body can do (Cr.l,m,h, l hell spitfire) x3, st.S, Sj. m,m,h, Down+h, qcb l, St.s, Sj.m,m,h, bon voyage, St.S, Sj. m,h,s, OTG super


Have been working on some assist variation with spencer’s lancer assist and firebrand.

between 500-530k with 1 meter. corner only

*Note Spencer does wall bounce so wont be able to do bon vojage for extended combos. At least in theory.

:l:, :m:, :a1:(spencer), :h:(2hits) , :qcf:+ :h:, :qcf:+ :h:, :m:, :h:, :s:, j:m:, j:m:,j :h:, :d::h:, :qcb: + :l:,:d::h:, :s:, j:s:, land :qcf:+ 2 attack buttons and mash. Do the hyper just before you land. You may have to walk forward a little during spitfire to connect :m:, :h:, :s:,

You could do it with just 1 :qcf:+ :h: and do the basic air series and finish with :qcf:+ 2 for 510k but I think the extra heavy spitfire looks flashier.

I also found this series as well

:l:, :m:, :a1:(spencer), :h:(2hits), :s:, j:m:, j:m:,j :h:, :d::h:,:qcb: + :l:,:d::h:, :s:,j:h:, j:s:, :qcf:+ 2 attack buttons and mash for 536k

:l:, :m:, :a1:(spencer), :h:(2hits), :d::h:, :s:, j:m:, j:m:,j :h:, :d::h:,:qcb: + :l:,:d::h:, :s:,j:h:, j:s:, :qcf:+ 2 attack buttons and mash for 542k


Editted. Thanks to all that posted. Credit goes to people in the quotations in the first few post. Keep up the work and find some new combos and it shall be updated.


Can’t you just cancel the :d::h: into a retreating flight to make it safe? Not only that but he can always hit confirm from a rushing command dash to a.:h: (overhead) that still gives around like 550k+.