How To Kill !





Essex is a beast… thanks for putting these together. hope to see more chars!


I love that tech you found after a light DP in the corner. One of the first things I tried was to see if Evil Ryu could also do a ambiguous j. LK after a light DP if the opponent does quick get up. It doesn’t work because ER recovers faster, I tried j. HK, but that whiffed as well. But I see now that you have to pause for just a moment after recovering from the jab DP. It doesn’t work on everybody, but it works on plenty of characters. I definitely have to try that out next time I have a opportunity.


This is awesome. I don’t play Evil Ryu, only just messed around, but I found this useful to know. It’s a shame not many people play Evil Ryu, I find him fun to play against.


I think it works the same way the f.throw dash jump lk does, and such setup works against every char I tried so far. The same happened with the lp dp setup (worked on everyone so far). By the way, its not a new tech or anything, akuma does it since vanilla, exactly the same concept, you only have to time your jump differently with E.R., Its pretty known, I use it when I have no bars with E.Ryu. The nice thing Essex found out was the OS to set a new ambiguous jump up if the opponent does not quick standup, that was nice. I think it works against the chars that stand up more slowly than Ryu aswell.


Do Dud last.




3 times today I went for the fake cross up against Ryu in the corner after landing a HK axe kick. I failed each time :frowning:

I did land two consecutive unblockables against Guile yesterday though, that was pretty sweet. ER is loaded with corner set ups and we have to make good use of them to get the most out of this character.

That corner combo against Honda was ridiculous. Nice work again.


resuming: pick regular Ryu against honda :stuck_out_tongue:


For Ryu ,Ken ,Evil Ryu, Oni, Yun, Yang the timing is different
You must hit early


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Love the videos dude. for people new to e ryu (me) this is awesome. even though i knew most of stuff you presented its so important that people make content for their chars. makoto and ibuki have pdf’s for fucks stake. i love seeing shit for less used chars and im gonna watch every vid you put out for tech i didnt know. Maybe e. ryu can get more popular ** cough** and maybe cody too ** cough **


please also make a how to kill video against dudley. thanks :smiley:


Hope not…I was the only person in my scene playing him for months. All of a sudden like 4 people pick him up.


I will make a “HTK” video for every chars just be patient :slight_smile: also you can watch “Road To The Satsui” on my channel


your videos are very helpful specially for those who are new in playing e.ryu like me :slight_smile:
Will also look forward to the dudley htk video :smiley:




Really good stuff, dude! Thanks for your hard work! Assuming you end up covering the entire cast, I feel like this thread should be stickied.


Don’t worry it’s my goal for the new year :slight_smile:


I’m not dead !