How to know when and when not to parry, im decent, im getting good at it but

Hi, i’m not new to cvs2, but im a parry freak, FOR REAL i use parrying to set up my combos, and set ups and etc. Im a yang player, and i usually would do a cross up, and if my opp blocks some of my hits i’d usually tap forward after my last hit to try and get a parry in, and i really works for me, and i;d counter with a ex (Mantis slash)
every time, but im guessing when they are doing high or low attacks, i dont really know when they’re going to hit me, except when they’re in the air, i parry them all the time, and do a dive kick Mkx2 cross with and ex slash. Any tips on better reactions on parrying?

Gladly Appreciating

Parrying in CvS2 compared to 3s is very different timing, thats why you would see alot of 3s players not playing P-groove so it won’t mess with their timing. But if you can adapt to it then work it.