How to know which kidrobot figure you got before opening it (theory)

So this weekend I bought 5 Kidrobot action figures. Just to make sure I didn’t buy any duplicates I weighed the boxes and realized all 5 characters had a different weight. I figure this could be useful for people who wanted to take a small scale and find the specific character they want at their local comic store.

I used a small hand held scale (much like the ones used for food).

Here are the values I have for some of the figurines I have:
Sagat- 46.3g
Vega- 48.6g
Guile- 50.3g
Zangief- 47.8g

DISCLAIMER: I do not have any duplicates as of yet, and so I have been unable to reliably test if each character and box weigh the same and there is little variation. If anyone out there has some duplicates and a small scale and can test this out, that would be great.

did you take some scales with you to the shop :lol:

haha no. If I knew how much m bison weighed, I would have : )