How to learn Hakan from new players perspective

Hullo fellow Hakans!Got joystick recently and am trying to learn to play SF4. My previous experience was little play on keyboard. I’ve read basics stuff,watched some streams,videos(MrUltraChens,Vesper Arcade stuff was really nice/informative) so I probably know of most basic terms/types of moves and such.

After first couple of online wins(yuhu) I thought that it might be good idea to ask for advice on how to learn to Hakan from get go,before I get some bad habits.

After trying combos I am finding them fairly hard to execute and would like to ask for advice on which combos to learn first(and then which after that).Most generally useful/easiest stuff to do based on your experiences with MrHakan.

I would be very grateful for any tips/tricks that could help beginner as well.Stuff like character specific moves that would be very hard to deal with unless you know counter and such.

Thanks for your time.

Look and Train the BnB’s. -> Slide-Press and the other stuff.

Ive been trying > s.lp/ > > hp.sliding(or some short variant as Im not doing links properly) from Hakanbos thread which I found is mostly useful when opponent is waking up. Didnt know>slide works as well sounds like its useful for punishing whiffs and catching people who dont know oiled range very well.


Maybe it will help you, it covers in my opinion very useful things.

Also some nice stuff, if you are needing help, just ask,

Wow that’s great,thanks!It will take a while to try out/process Ill definitely ask if something isnt clear.