How to learn sfIII: 3rd Strike

okay so i just recently downloaded 3rd strike online edition and im trying to learn the game. i have been following step by step what c-royd has been saying to do n his video guide which has brought me a long way, i can now do things i wasn’t able to before such as hit confirm into super , etc. so i was wondering what do i do next to try and advance my game?

Play a lot offline, learn matchups, pick a character you like, and support tourneys.

Just play and research. You don’t need to work in a specific order. A mentor can help a lot too!

have fun

Pick Akuma and just do roundhouse Tatsu, you’ll be rank 20 in no time.

Where do you think i would be able to find a mentor?

i don’t think finding a mentor is really a feasible thing. live interaction with good players is rare in most places, and i might sound like an asshole saying this but in smaller groups i doubt there’s great advice to be given for this game anymore.

imo pick a character and the first thing you should do is narrow down the character’s toolset to what is actually useful. ignore the crap and focus on becoming efficient with what remains. character forums, the srk wiki, and videos are good resources to save time so you don’t have to figure it out yourself. if you watch videos you’ll notice that some moves don’t get used except in certain situations, and others don’t get used at all. the whole point of fighting games is to minimize risk and you can’t do that with subpar moves. watching videos and thinking about the theory of the game (imo an important part of learning the game is understanding why certain decisions were good or bad) can also help put things into the right context, but getting comfortable playing is the priority.

also in general please don’t try to be a hero who does random srks and supers to hit people out of moves. you’re supposed to be weighing risk and reward, not doing the first thing that pops into your head. slow things down if you need to, block a lot, and pay attention to what the other guy does too. your character isn’t the only one on the screen.

and yeah i realize my advice sounds more like homework than playing a video game. sorry about that.

practice your execution: all of it dashes, quick stands, cancels
practice your hit confirms: into super and into combos
practice you punishes: against supers, specials, some normals
practice your follow-ups: after a knockdown, after a reset situation
practice for like 2 hours a day
practice 6 days a week
practice in arcade mode, in training mode
practice for 52 weeks

after you do that log onto 3SO or go to a local spot to play.

listen to 2der.

Learn combos and play a lot.. that is all. Don’t listen to any other advice except “practice a lot” as it might be misleading. You have to play the game like a beginner before you can play like a master, can’t just skip it all those steps by being told a few words…

Passion and love for the game will make you good. You must think about 3s a lot and atone for your mistakes. You must experience yourself why you shouldnt do stupid things so you’ll use them as a scare factor when you’ll be good