How to level up when you only have compitition online

How can one level up with only being able to play online? Right now with my current situation, and responsibilities, it stops me from going out and finding some friends that play. So I’m stuck with the computer, and laggy online. I really have a urge to play at top tournament level, however I know that until I have time I wont ever break the barrier of a good casual player. And that’s fine for now, however what should I do in the mean time?

Should I be practicing my execution in training mode all the time?
Should I spend my time playing against a hard computer?
Should I play online even though the timing for combos are different because of lag?

I just want to make my time productive before I can get the time/people to really study. I would just like it when I actually can go to tournaments that I wont start at scrub level, maybe middle of the pack and I’m cool with that.


The reason I put this here is because the online play for other games can be lag free sometimes, so I can learn a lot more from online with them, vs this game where it is not lag free. So getting better with MvC3 with only having online is what I am specifically asking.

Learn to play with the lag. what you can do online you can mostly transfer it into regular action play
There is an option in training mode to turn some lag on, just keep practice time separate

  1. Most of your time should be spent in training mode perfecting setups and execution. The former is more important at higher levels.
  2. Don’t play against the AI. Only reason you should is to play against something that moves where lag isn’t a factor and you have absolutely no one offline to play against.
  3. If you’re looking to become competitive, online can only get you so far. So you have to ask yourself the question: are you going to be heading out to offline competition in the very near future? If not, just play online and be content with w/e. If so, then online can still work in terms of setups and getting to know some matchups / bad habits. Go for setups >>>> long combos. And don’t try to win ‘just because’. Try to see if your tactics are working as you imagine them.

EDIT: The only way you will get better in fighters is to play people better than you. Which means offline competition at some point. Unless you’re playing something on GGPO, which is something worth thinking about if you just play online.

shit add me and we’ll play. Online is the only way I level up. It will require alot more work and ppl skills. cause your gonna need to make freinds online.

get bodied as az said, you gotta play folks that are better than you.
and dont even consider where you would place in a tourney, not til your a tourney regular.

Just go and get beat up. youd be suprised how helpful and supportive the community can be in person.
You might see alot of attitude here on SRK but its not like that at gatherings/tourneys for the most part.

But make some freinds online that destroy you but have positive attitudes and you will progress

They will probably re-route or close this thread.
Probably wanna put stuff like this in the Saiko Newbie Thread and Online Matchmaking thread

The problem with trying to get good online is sometimes even on a good connection you can’t block on reaction. I strongly recommend you just look in the matchmaking section and find people near you to play with. I only really use online to find bad matchups and new ways to deal with things but even then some of it is only because of lag.

I would also say if you play online, don’t play to win, play to learn. Look at setups which are known to be solid and work in a offline environment and learn them and use them online. Try not to pick up any bad habits from opponents who abuse lag. And use the opponents lag tactics to your advantage also, if people use lag tactics try to fight the tactics… This may seem stupid but it’s actually improving your game and reflexes a lot.

Also, it’s more important to build a lineup of people on your Friends list that can help you improve. Buy a mic if you can, and chat it up with good players so that they can explain what they’re doing to you and how you can defeat it (most good players won’t mind, because you figuring out their tactic means they have to stop abusing it). Send a friend invite to anyone who bodies you with legit tactics. (Not lag-abusers.) If someone beats you with the dumbest Wesker tactic you’ve ever seen, add him. You never know: you might see someone use that in a tournament. If all he does is run away with Magneto and throw DISRUPTAH, add him until you’ve figured out how to get around that., then drop them like a bad habit.

As a corollary, this also means that you might have to get rid of some folks on your list who aren’t helping you grow. Sorry, but until MS/Sony increases the Friends capacity, you have to do this. If you are serious about getting better, then they are either helping you or hurting you.

Don’t practice reactions online. It’s impossible. Instead, what you need to find are “tells”. For example, I’m just starting to learn how to deal with Zero’s crossups because I try and dissect everything he’s doing whenever he starts to mix me up. If I’m lucky, the lag will let me react to it–if I’m not, then I’m exposed. Either way, I can at least take the information with me to offline and try to apply it. When possible, I replicate the circumstances with Record mode in training and keep putting myself into it until I figure out a way out.

If/when you make the transition from an online warrior to offline competitive play, one thing you should analyze is your setups and, for lack of a better word, your bullshit, such as unblockables, crossups, so on and so forth.

Figure out if your bullshit will actually work offline, and if it will, sit there and perfect it either online or offline. Get your crossups as ambiguous as possible, perfect your bullshit to hit as tightly as possible.

Realize that at your first event offline, you are going to do terribly. You will get bodied, you will choke combos, and you will NOT be walking away the victor. You need to get over the feeling of defeat as quickly as possible, and get back on the horse.

The last bit of advice is something you should be doing anyway: Spend time in the lab, level up your combos, your execution, your gameplan, your bullshit, your everything. Some of your online play may translate well enough, but don’t rely too much on online experience. For all intents and purposes, you are new to the game when you go from online to off.

This thread could simply be summed up to:

a) Play/friend people better than you
b) Understand online is more about reading your opponent than reacting.
c) If you have a device to record your matches with, USE IT (unless you have godlike memory)
d) Watch how other players play your characters on stream. If you learn something new, try it out and see how it works for you (especially if you don’t have a local scene - you can find some of the latest gimmicks in the tournament scene)
e) Training mode is for setups, execution and helps you understand why you lost to whatever you lose to by using the recording feature
f) The only way to get used to executing stuff online as well as you can do it in lag-less training mode is to play online, so don’t limit yourself to what’s easy to do online. Sometimes it’s like learning how to do it all over again, but at least you’ll be good both offline and online.
g) I don’t think anyone mentioned this, but learn the frame data and how it works. For example, Wolverine’s dive kick is +8 on block, but if you air block it and immediately land next to him, you can THROW him OR if you have a character with a fast enough L, you can go right into a combo. This is because blockstun is shortened upon landing leaving you at frame advantage.

I’ve actually been interested in getting the frame data for this game. I don’t have the brady guide(piss poor broke) but is there anywhere else with frame data?

I heard there was a PDF of the guide but I dunno if that’s true. Got mine at Amazon when it was going for 50% off.

I don’t like playing the computer on any level above hard. That’s just me. For the most part, you can’t get too much out of it other than annoyance (up til Galactus). It’s interesting that if you try and turtle the computer, they will always go for a throw lol. It also doesn’t help that you can easily exploit the computer. For example, jump at ANY character with a shoryuken-like attack (Ryu, Wolverine, X-23, Akuma, etc) on Hard or Very Hard and 90% of the time they will do their DP whether you are air blocking or attacking. You can always bait them.

The guide is only like $12 from Amazon. Being piss poor broke is almost not a valid excuse. I’m sure you’ve blown $12 on dumb shit already this week.

And for the record, if you don’t have human competition there’s nothing wrong with playing against the AI while in Training mode (try Hard or Very Hard difficulty…turn off regaining life for both Dummy and Player Settings, set Hyper meters to normal, X-Factor to normal, etc). Who said anything about playing it in Arcade Mode? That’s just dumb. All you need to do is hit up Training Mode for your offline practice.

I personally train with my group of friends (we did quite well our first** MARVEL** tourney too) but training mode can be your best friend. Advice I can give it basically find decent damaging combos with all of your characters in ALL situations, Meaning, if u had a combo with Char.1 and it only worked with Assist.2. Make sure you have alternatives if Assist.2 is dead.

Not only should you learn combos, Learn setups, Having big combos but not knowing how to use your character is a BIG problem alot of people make. When your doing a “reset” on training mode. Ask yourself “would this work on a real player, would this work on me?” If Unsure, play a friend or jump online to test it out. Test all setting, Meaning have options if the tech normally, back, and forward. Same for rolls. Also, Computers are a very good way to get your hitconfirms Down on a moving target.

If you really want to become a better player in the near future. Your going to actually start getting inside the tourney scene, players there are often much higher level than most people you will meet online. The bright side is, alot of those people will give you their online gametag/psn to play online.

Hope this helped.

Dude I live in Michigan, a state where being unemployed for over a year is incredibly common. I’ve basically been earning my room and board being the family butler/chauffeur. So yeah, piss poor broke.

Cill, you and I are in the same boat.

And we’re both Midwesterners to boot.

I actually played online for the 1st time today, i dont know how u people do it. its atrocious, couldnt last 3 games. seriously sucks for people with no offline competition

move to socal.


If you have an Android or iPhone/iPad/iPod, purbeast has made a free guide, details here.

I also want to add:

Get used to playing your team in a different order. You never know for whatever reason that benefits you that you’ll want to start your point character as your original 3rd character or for whatever reason benefits your opponent that your 3rd character gets snapped in. Point is, your team’s synergy will have changed and you will have to either fix that by spending meter to tag out (DHC/Alpha counter), raw tagging, or dealing with it. Practice and play with your team in different orders if you haven’t already. There may be an underlying synergy your opponent may be unaware of.

I’ve a comment on that though. I have a friend irl that is way better than me. But way, way better. He totally bodies me when he plays seriously (read: almost all the time). He makes such combos on me that I simply can’t do a thing against me. Idk whether I’m learning anything against him, because as I said I don’t manage to do anything. Should I still play against him? I mean, I get it about playing against better players, I really do, but when the difference is too big does it actually help?

I also haven’t heard of that Brady guide before. Does it also have technical information like frames, etc.?