How to link 2 arcade cabinets?

Hi Guys,

I was sitting here wondering. I see in the Japan arcades they all have linked 1p cabs. How does that work exactly?

Say for linked astro cabs running 3rd strike:
Does each cab need a CPS3 board and the game?

If it is running off one board, how does the video gets split?

How does the audio get split between the machines?

With the newer HD games (like tekken 6 or Sf4), is it the same deal? 1 or 2 boards needed and how is the audio getting split?

Thanks for any help.


Each cab needs it’s own board and game to run 2 players. Same deal for newer games. Audio doesn’t get split.

You could always just get a Versus City cab and have one cab with 2 sets of monitors/speakers/controls.

First of all really good topic and question.

Even an old CPS-3 game like third strike needs a system in each cab to run two players? I thought only arcade SF4 did that? I thought you only need one CPS-3 system and just split it with the two cabs.

Are you sure?

I don’t know. That would suck for me because I was thinking I would just have to buy four cabs for my two 3rd Strike CPS-3 setups.

That’s not the case. Older games can simply be split.

SF4 is the way it is due to networking features absent in most older Capcom games.

Thanks for the info guys.

I missed that older thread, my bad.

Sucks that SF4 makes you buy 2 boards, a lot of cost right there.

i wonder… if you have… i.e. sega dreamcast and 2 cabs with a trisync monitor… and a VGA Splitter… it’s a 1.2.3 linking? :)?