How to Loosen Sanwa Stick?


Hey guys. Just brought my VSHG back from retirement. The stick is tighter than I’d like (been using a 1st gen TE stick so that spring is what i’m used to). I’ve searched around and all the stick stiffness tutorials seem geared to tightening the stick than loosening it. Can anyone shed some light on how loosening? Thanks.


It loosen up with time and ware.

Just use the thing, any attempts to loosen it more would only damage the joystick or the spring.

If you want you can always put in a weaker spring.


what constitutes a weaker spring


A spring that requires less force to compress it.


well i just took the stick harness apart, crunched the spring up with a wrench and left it there for a while. reassembling and testing now.


Congrats, you ruined a spring. The exact thing I warned you about.


Well, either way, you’re going to have to buy a new spring anyways. Good effort though. #YOLO


ruined? lol. it’s fine, and marginally better than before, actually.


Paradise arcade has what you are probably looking for. It is their 0.5 lbf custom jlf spring. That would probably be the correct way to achieve what you are going for.


Wait you actually want to make the JLF even more loose? GTFO!


I know what you mean, everyone else ask for Happ-like tightness. For me Paradise arcade sells a 9 pound spring.
I will rejoice the day they make a 15 pound spring and I get workouts by playing Street Fighter.


Just imagine getting two 9 lb springs and doing the old twirl them together trick most people think is ok for spring mods and then stick them in the JLF. At that point, you probably have an added 20 additional lbs of force from fighting the springs rubbing against each other. Aww dat frickshun, ern ursef dem mussles.


I’m using my stick for ttt2 these days, and sadly, good tekken movement requires high apm in the realm of directional inputs.


It will get loose with time and wear, tightness is not only dictated by the force of the spring, a worn out plastic pivot will also add to looseness, if you mod it, you could end with a completely useless stick.


Mr. Grainger: Don’t worry if the sleeves are too long, you’ll find they’ll ride up with wear.
From the British TV Show Are You Being Served? (1972–1985)

Same logic applies to Sanwa parts.

Meaning stop fooling with your stuff and just use it. Arcade parts do need time to “break in”


I tried LS-33 spring in JLF. It pretty much does almost NOTHING, with only the microswitches doing all the re-centering work.


Switch to a Korean stick. Those are best for Tekken.