How to make a animated gif from a video

Im always seeing good avatars and i have been looking for a good program to make my own. Feel free to put the gif programs or what you guys use to make your animated gifs from a video.

lol…LD!!! ill be in NY in august…get at me dun

yo how do you make your gifs

^i dont anymore…lately ive been rockin avs by Str[e]ak, Gumz and Sas…so they’d have to tell you…
Edit: I cant believe i forgot the Dood my bad :sweat:

:wonder: Here’s how I do it:

:tup: Spelling errors and bad grammar still included.

For ripping video from sites like youtube I use the FireFox add-on “Download Helper”. It should be in this thread:

Make sure you add .flv to the end of the file when you download it. Then I just convert the .flv to an .avi file using Total Video Converter… dood![/COLOR]


Yeh I used to always do it with CS2 ImageReady

but I converted to CS3 and I can’t do it anymore:annoy::annoy:
another reason why I prefer CS2 over CS3

I do it similar to this:

Except I use Imageready CS and use the import folder as frames command.

i have cs2 and was thinking about switching to cs3. it looks like im stickin with cs2

Unless ur a retoucher
stick with CS2

Yeah Dood, that site is under construction.:sad:

thanks yeah dude. i finally made a gif