How to make a compilation (multi-game) disc for Dreamcast?


Recently I have come home noticing a lot of my DC games are getting destroyed by either my cat or kids. In an effort to try to preserve the remaining GD discs I have, I would like to compile a couple and create a multi-game discs from some of them. Does anyone here have a tutorial to do so?


eh GD discs? you have a GDrom burner? Do those even exist?

If you honestly want to try and make a multi-game disc, you should be asking on any DC homebrew site. They all have nice tutorials on how to do it. It’ll require A LOT of time and effort to do it though. ALthough after you get it right the first time, I’d imagine doing it again would be fairly easy. The instructions will naturally all be for CD roms so I’m not sure if it’ll work on your supposed GDroms.


I should have been more clear with my wordings… I have the Original game discs… Not GDrom discs that I have burned.

I have tried on a few sites, but no one seems to be very helpful. Quite honestly, they seem to be full of elitests that are not concerned with helping other people out. I thought I’d try here since most of the people on here have some familiarity with what I am asking.


I see what you are saying. Basically, you want to make a big backup disc of all your current games so you can stash your current games away from your cat?

Actually, it’d be pretty tough for you to backup your games yourself. your games are GDroms and if you want to make a compilation disc or any other sort of backup, it’d have to be a CDrom. You need to write up some sorta patch or something to make the game work on cdrom. This takes much time skill and effort. Most people just download their DC games online…


Unpopular thoughit may be, its a ton faster and easier to download them than to rip them. If you’re looking for instructions on ripping the game, know that you’ll either need a DC broad band adapter (VERY hard to find), or a serial ‘coder’s cable’. Ripping a disk with a serial cable takes FOREVER, as in >24 hours. Trying to transfer 1 gig over a 56k serial line will do that. I don’t have first hand knowledge on how its done though, so can’t be of much help. I believe the name of one of the programs is ‘dreamrip’. Just look for GD-ROM ripping guides. If you dont mind going ghetto and jimmy’ing your DVD drive on your pc, you might be able to rip them that way as well, as described here:

Even after you get it ripped, you have to deal with the various ‘hack’ tools to get it to run from a CD, and any copy protection that may have been put in.

Once you have them ripped, or downloaded, putting them into a compilation disk takes a bit of work, but I made crude directions on how to here:
(12/31/2013 edit by Preppy: that URL on the current SRK is probably here.)
Im not much of a tutorial writer, but a number of people have used it to make their own.

Post in the 'How to Change…" thread in FGD if you have any questions.


I have a compilation disc that has mvc2, cvs2, and 3s on it… I want to make something similar to it, but using puzzle fighter and twinkle star sprites since my wife loves those games.


Check this Github repository for automated tool to create multi-game CDI images based on DP3 browser (Dreamcast Passport 3). It also automatically converts Audio-Data to Data-Data CDI format


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