How to make a HRAP quieter

Hey all,
I’m trying to figure out how to dampen down the noise my HRAP makes (LS-32 w/Seimitsu PS-14s).

What is making all the noise, and is there any way to quieten it? I’m thinking noise insulation material (like in quiet PC kits), wool, etc.

Also, are some buttons quieter than others?

I’d try cutting a piece of dynamat or similar sound dampening material for the inside of the metal plate first, the thicker the better. If that doesn’t quiet it down enough, you can try polyfill, like what you’d use inside a subwoofer box, but you’ll want to make sure it’s not going to be something your stick rubs against.

The Seimitsu buttons are quieter than Sanwas, if that is what you are getting at with the button question, Sanwas are super clicky. And as for the sound insulation, you can definitely soundproof the outer portion of the case, what you see when you only remove the bottom plate. The inner is much more work I think, because you have to make arrangements to avoid stick, buttons, and PCB.