How to make a private player match lobby explained

Hey guys, alot of people have been asking me about this and I wasn’t able to find it on the threads. Capcom left this mysterious but here it is

Creating A private player match lobby not a regular lobby:

  1. Go to online mode in mvc3
  2. Go to the player match option
  3. Make the criterias like this
    Region : Same
    Language : One that is not your home country’s national language
    Rank : Same

The reason for this is because the stricter the criteria, the less chance someone by luck will join you compared to your private invite

  1. Press the home key where you get to see your friends list
  2. (X) for xbox to invite to game under the specific friend
  3. Wait for them to join and you will not have to deal with the ready and select screen. This is the same properties of a regular player match lobby
  4. Process complete

here is a video on it if you still don’t understand


I wonder if there was already a thread on this? Although nothing new, useful post.

Yea I initially wanted to make sure it wasn’t a spam but I couldn’t find it. I’m also hearing that psn player cannot do this

PSN players can’t do it because they have to be in the game to send invites. Its so ridiculous that you can’t just make a player match lobby if you just want to 1v1 your buddies without having to go back to the lobby EVERY TIME.

I don’t see how this was so hard to do when they have the ability to do it already… in the game specifically. But this is an excuse prolly for the next version to be “better” when really its what we deserved before but since they can 'correct" this situation, they look like the heros instead of people short changing us

Well on PSN, couldn’t you just have your friend search for the same weird language room? It should work