How to make an xbox 360 fightpad/fighstick wii compatible


I’ve been scanning through lots of posts on this site as well as the rest of the interwebs searching for some way to make an xbox 360 fightpad or fightstick compatible with a Wii for the sake of playing TvC, and have found nothing that doesn’t require some sort of soldering. I was wondering if you knowledgeable people could help me out and point me to an adapter/converter for an xbox 360 controller that lets you use the game cube or classic controller port. As far as I know, there isn’t a way to do so, but I’m hoping I’m wrong. I’ve already got 2 xbox fight pads and 2 fightsticks and don’t want to have to shell out much more money just to play one game on the Wii. I also wouldn’t feel comfortable attempting to solder anything in, but if there was some board i could just drop into my controller that doesn’t require soldering, that would also be nice.


You are right, there are no Converters.

You don’t want to solder, there is no other way.
But you can pay someone to do the job for you.

All would need is install Multi-Console Cthulhu or PiiWee.


I’m a little confused. On LizardLick there is a Multi Console Cthulhu for like 39.95. There is also a link to a thread on Shoryuken in the details. In the Q and A part it says "Q:What about the Xbox360?
A: Xbox360 will most likely never happen. Microsoft is using some hefty security for controller identification that I can’t get around. "

So I wouldn’t want to buy this for my 360 TE stick to get PS3 and Wii support? Or am I just mis-understanding something?


You do buy it to make your Xbox 360 TE have PlayStation 3 and Gamecube.

It is saying that the Multi-Console Cthulhu does not emulate Xbox 360.
That is because Toodles cannot hack the Microsoft Security.

Multi-Console Cthulhu doesn’t do Wii by the way; Gamecube it does.
If you want Wii, then get the PiiWee.


Thanks for the response, and I assumed that would be the case. I have question about the multi-console board tho. So even though it does gamecube, you still can’t use it on the wii through a gamecube port for games that support it gamecube controllers?


You do use Multi-Console Cthulhu to have Gamecube on Wii.


It works on the Wii just fine, but only with games that allow Gamecube controllers. I think just about everything you’d need one for would accept it though.
I have a second PS3 TE stick laying around, I may have to look into getting a PiiWee now, never heard of it until now.


Alright, thanks for help everyone. I’ll probably go the multi-console board route. Still a bit pricey, but better than buying all new sticks.


Are there any boards available to drop in a fight pad to make it a gamecube controller?


You have to solder.


Sweet. So I guess for now I’ll just get the MC Cthulu and solder that into my stick so I can use it for the wii via GC port. Is there anything else I need to buy other than the Mc Cthulu?


A gamecube cable.


and an rj-45 if you want to have a cleaner setup. (but its totally optional)


I’m so confused facepalm lol.


yeah, its just optianal


Hold your horses if you are modding a fightpad. There isn’t enough space inside a fightpad for a MC Cthulhu board, you would have to do some crazy hacking to get that to fit in.

If you cannot solder then there is little hope.


Phreakazoid187 installed a Cthulhu and Imp insided a FightPad remember?


I do remember. ChImp released soon after, if I recall. And now there’s Dual Strike SMD. XD


Well here’s what I got, I’m just little confused by the direction lol. I’ve got an Xbox 360 Round 1 TE stick, soldering equipment, a drill, and some other tools lol.


Now just Dual Mod with Multi-Console Cthulhu for GameCube, or PiiWee for Wee.