How to make Cap better

Hi im new here and I was just wondering what do you think that could be added to make Cap better character

Dive kick

OTG L Shield Slash, Double jump, full invincibility on Stars and stripes, his H shield slash properties back lol the list goes on. . . . .

I say give him that and why not give him invin frames on his cartwheel and a new hyper thats like weskers hyper 1 but where cap throws his shield and it bounces off the walls like crazy

I’d happily settle for a few things…

  1. Invincible Stars & Stripes
  2. Recover BEFORE an opponent who was HIT with Stars & Stripes (M or H makes you recover way too late after a successful hit)
  3. Invicibility on startup for the Cartwheel
  4. Variable distance on the Cartwheel (L, M, H all different instead of all the same like now)
  5. Shorter recovery on GROUND shield slashes (I don’t mind air recovery since it’s pretty fair, but ground would zone help so much)

Just a few of those things at all would make me pretty happy, they’re not in exact order though. I guess I’d have to ask for #3 and #5 before anything else though.


A hyper usable in the air would be nice. Maybe a shield slash hyper to end corner combos in the air with some damage and could cancel stars and stripes into it like Wolverine and tornado claw xx fatal claw.

A parry / counter with his shield would be awesome. He really needs more solo mix up options, maybe an overhead or a command grab.

maybe he should be able to cancel out of his chargeing star with a special

WOW!!! How the heck did I forget to put ’ give Cap an overhead attack’ on the list!?!?!?!?! Thumbs up Doyler for taking up the slack when I went brain dead for a second.


i gotta say i REALLY hate threads like this

You whould think that his C.M whould be kind of a overhead of sorts

  1. more durability on shield slash projectiles
  2. some kinda way to change his jump trajectory(don’t really care how)
    3.lower startup on air shield slashes. increase hit stun on air J.Hs
  3. ability to block immediately(maybe 4-6 frames) after cap releases his shield after a shield slash(ground and air).
  4. all charging stars should cause a soft knockdown

Yea, it does look like it should hit that way. It would be cool if they made it so. I’ve been watching every UMvC3 video with Cap in it to look for any changes visible.

That I have to 100% disagree on though my friend. Having the other two charging star recovery options gives you more strategy to use. If they always have a knockdown, it eliminates some of your pressure options. I’m a big fan of M.charging star due to the favorable positioning it gives me on hit/block. H.charging star is useful when you want to run a ranged offense after a combo due to the positioning it gives you. Both of those options cause an air tech state which you can also use to your advantage, perhaps with well timed shield slashes and/or assist calls.


perhaps a air hyper maybe?

Cartwheel invencible, OTG, instant block after shield slash and a counter move. He has a shield, he gotta have a counter move!

maybe his shield could make projectles bounce back at the enemy

I really think that all he needs in a way to OTG by himself, other than that, I think Cap is a very solid character as is. I mean, every character is going to be lacking in certain areas, but with the faster Shield Slash and mobility he is getting in Ultimate, an OTG would really improve his game. I’m not on the boat with an invincible cartwheel…it seems cheesy.

this thread is extremely counter productive

it should be closed and deleted

this does not help anyone

well it’s gotta count for something. this is srk so I hope that someone from capcom glances at this thread and picks some feesible ideas from the CAP mainers. If not then oh well, it’s still good to say what we want. it’s not like CAP has no room for improvement.

Although I agree that some of the ideas are a bit much(looking at OTG and cartwheel invincibility)

It’s just a fun wishlist thread, it’s not hurting anyone. If you truly don’t like threads like this, my advice would just be to ignore them, rather then coming into them and posting how miserable you are (as you have done twice already, now).

To be fair that L shield slash otg was with Cap since the beginning(as was his double jump). The only games without it are MvC2/3. It hurts his extra damage output. Also, a delayed charging star in past games would otg as well. Capcom should make L Shield Slash register as a low hit as well as OTG. Not only will it help his damage output but he could possibly get a high/low mixup from it.

I think this thread is fine. Gives everyone a chance to think more about what they have and what it would mean to lose or gain something else. Or how our game changes with buffs/nerf/new moves.