How to make Custom Buttons in MAME?

Hi, I’m trying to set custom up custom buttons in MAME. When I go to Custom Buttons, next to Custom 1 there’s a red 1.

I don’t really know where to go from here xD

Can anyone help me out? (Sorry if this has been asked recently, I couldn’t find anything through searching.)

Come on. :expressionless:

dude, you press whatever buttons you want it to do. like button 1 and button 2.
then in your controls you put the button you want to press those two buttons (button 1 and button 2) to CUSTOM BUTTON X.

Uh…I get what to do at the controls part (setting what button will be the custom button)

But I don’t get how to set what the custom button pushes. Once again, the custom button screen has a red 1 next to Custom Button 1, and pushing buttons doesn’t work at that screen at all.

Sorry if I’m being stupid at this point. =/

First you have to set a button that’ll be your custom button. Once you have that set press Tab > Custom Buttons and use 1-6 on your keyboard(I don’t think numberpad works) to make combinations. Those six buttons should correspond to P1/P2 buttons you configured in the player controls menu. For example if P1 button 1 is LP and P1 button 4 is LK and you set a custom button to 1+4 it will do LP+LK.

Thanks a lot.