How to make decent looking art for a stick

Hey there everyone. I guess I’ve over obsessed myself with make art for sticks but anyways here is a really noob way to make art for a stick. If you’re efficient you can finish this in about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Step 1: Getting the template
Go on The NEW Official Arcade Stick Art Threadand download -D3vlicious SE Template or the TE counterpart

Step 2: Opening Photoshop and choosing a character/theme
Pretty simple. Open the template in Photoshop. Then, find a good character/ theme for my example I’m choosing Ibuki for demonstration purposes.Simply go on Deviant art and find a character of your choosing. Other art recourses can also be used.

Step 3: Inserting your selected artwork.
****Most of the time I like to choose the bottom 2 corners and let the top free for a logo.

Step 4: Getting Rid of Excess Stuff
Most of the time I like to use the background eraser to get rid of the background, but there are many other ways. Get rid of the background on the 2 images.

Step 5: Vectoring with the pen tool
Using the pen tool, trace around your selected image. When done right click and tell it to make a selection. Then, duplicate the layer then go select>modify>Expand and expand by 5 or so. Then fill in the selection and move the duplicated layer down 1.

Step 6: Adding Final Touches
In this step I add the name of the character, a logo, and the background.

Final Notes
****This is a simple way to make a simplistic arcade stick art. I hope you do make innovations and put you’re own twist on it.This was finished in about 1 hour and turned out decent. I’m no expert, but i think they turn out pretty great.Some constructive criticism would be nice on what I can do to improve this guide.I have made a total of 2 using these instructions. A like and some responses would be nice! Thanks!

The Two I have Done


not bad but didn’t other people made the same guide?

Not really sure just joined like yesterday…

You should stop by this thread if you are new

Also Here is the thread I am refering to, there a link for it on the Intro, Rules and FAQ thread.

I guess ,but my guide is a little more in depth on just making the art. D3v’s guide is more of a good spot to place you’re art but really doesn’t show you how to do some of the stuff in my guide. I think mine is just a way to make a stick look decent quickly and in depth enough to follow instructions.

Blending Options > Stroke would be a better option.

somewhat new to photoshop. Just tried giving my perspective on my work process

Well been here a day and already trying to contribute is better than new people who ask the same dumb questions.
Can we have more like Meowzer and less stupid noobs?


for every Meowzer we get 10 noobs…

Thanks for all the good compliments!

and how do i do that?

Double click on your layer, from there you access the layers blending options. Play with these options with preview checked, great stuff there.

Thanks Seems to make every thing a lot easier