How to make PS stick work on X360?

My friend has a custom PSone stick and VSHG.

What is the easiest way to mod it? Does he really have to desolder PS PCB and sodler X360 PCB there?

How much vertical/horizontal space does he have to fit an xbox 360 pcb in there? JLF/LS-32/01/IL/Happ stick? He’ll need to desolder the original pcb and then wire up and solder a 360 pcb.

He has HFS2. Not a good stick imo and not so much space too. I was just wondering if there is any other way than desoldering PS PCB and soldering X360 PCB, like a good converter or whatever gimmick.

buy a pcb from a trusted name on the srk forums like hozie. he makes some quality pcb hacks