How to make the transition from pretty good to pro?

Ive been playing for like a year and a half or so. Not just casually but really trying to improve. Ive gotten pretty good i believe, but not yet where i want to be. My eyes were really opened this past weekend at final round 8 when i barely made it to buktooth’s last character. Then i lost to Ashley hernandez 3 or 4 times in casual and once in tourny.

I dont have much competition around here. Theres a guy thats a little worse than me that lives about an hour away. But it always such a pain in the ass to get him organized and ready to play for any length of time.

I use C- Blanka/whoever/Sagat…I cant even decide on a third character. Im ok with kim, ken, rolento,vega(claw), Kyo, guile and a few others im sure im forgetting. Ive been trying to make up my mind for weeks, but i just cant seem to.

Now, i know all the combos and can do the links and shit like that with my team. What else do i need to know about them? It seems like everything i do , there expecting. I dont know anything about mixups and tricks and gimmiks with my guys. What is it exactly that i can do in training mode to make me a better player? Popoblo you did it, how can I?
I watch match vids aprox 2-3 hours everyday and spend at least 2 hours practicing. What can i do? I feel very frustrated , because i dont know what else is left for me to practice to keep me from getting beatdown by top players.
I also have no idea what to do against certain characters. Its like i play my guys the same way no matter who im playing against. Ive looked through all the forums, but there doesnt seem to be much about specefic matchups anymore like with the old games. Are they not important anymore? To be honest i like almost a turtle style, kinda like the way wong plays . Not much attacking blindly, calculated risks, and not moving forward too much.
Campbell, you played me a few times last week. What do you think i should do to make my game better?

Truthfully? Move. You will never get better than you are now, practicing. If you have the physical techniques down, with the execution, then all you have left to learn is how to outthink your opponents. You have to move to a Street Fighter hotspot.

Thinking and patience

i think the first step would have to be near flawless execution, as ppb has shown us. i too wanna make the move from pretty good to pretty damn good, and i really think this is the first step. imo the next step after that is to control impulses. playing against some players you really have to watch what you’re doing. like when i’ve played against eric choi or paul lee, they have superior yomi level thinking to me, so i find that i have to catch myself from doing things. but i dunno if that is at all the right approach, but that seems like the best idea to me.

Aspire to one day be just like Nick T and PPB.

lol, i guess i’m PPB, too funny.

i’ll post up tomorrow, it’s too late now.

2 to suck… 3 three to be good. U need at least 3 people to be good.

Turtle Like …u been waiting for the last bus… and it’s One hour late… U know the Bus is comming but u cant leave because, u cant afford a cab ride home. Cuz u lost your wallet at ECC8 and u dont want to be stuck in NJ. :karate:

Try not to get thown… block on wake up. Do nothing/stand still/ walking back n forth. Dont fuck up combos/dont jump.

IF you GUARD BAR ain’t “Flashing” U haven’t been turtling enough!

If u still lose… Then give that guy next to is a stonger player. :sad:

It is also better to learn by example… Like get owned 100 time’s in a row by an otaku who is hella better than u…

Or Save your money and go to japan for 2000$.

Just dont go to any USA torunament’s for a year, and stay a month in Japan.

If your not GIFTED it takes a lot to be one the best a CVS2.

Just dont let it take over your life… This is my scurb confession :zzz:/ I aint know scrub :karate:

But I am not a Top Player either. :wow: I am just some dude who got high one time…

playing CVS2 with friends. :smokin:

morgan just play 3s.

lol, sounds like me in a nutshell, especially only having 1 guy to play who lives an hour away that i beat pretty hard anyways.

-you NEED to find a third character (or even fourth), and master them. out of the list you gave, vega, guile, and rolento are extremely good in C-groove. ken is a little too streaky for my liking, and you have to be pretty kamikaze to win with him, which contradicts your natural playstyle. honda would go extremely well with your style if you have the execution to use him well. C-honda/sagat/blanka aka team mago is a monster of a team. make sure that one character doesn’t really give your whole team a bunch of problems.

-gimmicks win a match or two, but they don’t win tournaments. solid footsies, patience, THINKING, and execution do. i learned at TS5 to not spam wakeup RC’s like i’m playing the computer or somebody who has never played against RC’s before. THINK.

-actively watch match vids. don’t only look at WHAT’S happening, look at why it’s happening. sounds simple, but most people just catch onto one or two hot new gimmicks and x-copy them, but look at the footsies and setups also.

-and most importantly, LEARN CHARACTER MATCHUPS. this is huge, plain and simple. if you just go into each matchup doing the same thing, you’ll be eaten alive. a character doesn’t have a good invincible wakeup other than reversal RC? use more meaties. weak crossup defense? crossup more. knowing the game in general helps because you can pick apart your opponent’s characters weaknesses and strengths, and exploit them. REALLY knowing the game means you won’t be hit by the gimmicks because you’ll already know the vast majority of them.

-and don’t get frustrated, you’ll become better with the more tournies you go to. there’s nothing like tournament pressure, that’s for sure.


How do i go about learning the matchups for each character? Im not real sure how to fight some characters. As for my third char, what do you think about kim? Im not talking about rolly polly scrub kim, but a real kim, like yuu’s.

When i say mixups, i dont really mean gimmicks. I mean real mixups. Like a real simple example with blanka : after a knockdown you can either jab ball and elec or jab ball and throw, or even jab ball wait and try to get a ch low short into super combo. What are some other things like that for blanka sagat and whoever?

You just need to consider risk/reward situations in a matchup in terms of damage output of each character in the matchup. That’s it.

That’s all it is.

“You have to move to a Street Fighter hotspot.”

I basically forced all of my friends to play Street Fighter at a comic shop I go to. Every time I show up now someone asks me to get into a match and if there are any good combos to mix in. I even developed a master and apprentice kind of deal with one of my friends in exchange for tips on DDR. In the end just try to surround yourself with some moderate players and play your ass off.

get an xbox, play on xbox live!

you learn what pokes your opponent will most likely use at different ranges, then utilize yours to punish them. you learn what other characters like to abuse, then develop counter-measures with yours.

you can play a really beastly kim, it takes work, but it’s possible. don’t focus on learning the infinite as much as solid footsies and counter hit setups though.

look at the forums, there’s plenty of threads with examples of shit to do with sagat and blanka, especially sagat. kcxj pretty much did all the work already, just read and xcopy.

eh, it scrubbed me out too much. you start to develop sweet lag tactics and all your link combos go to hell. and not being able to play with/against RC’s is not the real cvs2, plain and simple.


well RCing isnt everything either… just look at K groove players they dont RC and they can go very far…

all u gotta do is start predicting the other guy… almost every person has a different style… u have to learn how to mix ur style… to be a good turtle… u have to have a good rush down.

and I think guile could really fit into ur team… a good execution guile is deadly… getting closer bit by bit…

No one is saying you need RC. What popoblo means, from my interpretation, is that if you play CvS2 without RC’s, then you aren’t practicing properly. The vast majority of players who use roll grooves will RC. I myself choose not to, since it just develops shitty habits for myself when I should be improving my footsies and execution. It’s simply the fact that, if you aren’t exposed to it, you will not learn to defend against it.

My first experience with RC was against a C Honda/Ken/Dhalsim team. Being that I had never fought RC’s before, I got OCV’ed the first round. I simply couldn’t adapt properly during the match, and I paid dearly for it. I then stood back and watched the next three guys play him. I could beat all the guys who played after me consistently, and they were doing much better against him, simply because they had more experience on it. I picked up some ideas from them, and got my rematch.

This match is what really made me decide to focus my practice in areas other than RC’ing. This guy, when his RC-friendly Honda was gone, had next to nothing. His gameplan with Ken was strictly RC Hadouken, RC Funky Kick, and random supers. His Dhalsim was garbage, plain and simple. Without any useful RC’s, he had NOTHING. He let himself fall into bad habits, and that’s what killed him.

I’m not pro, and i’m probably not pretty good. Hell, mediocre could be debatable. But, if I have any advice to give, it’s to seize every opportunity you have to play against someone else. In a pretty short amount of time, i’ve managed to improve my game drastically. Plus, each time you go to the arcade you can visibly see yourself improve, and that makes all the time in training mode worthwhile.

Most of the stuff that’s good is emotional control. Learning the game is easy, but learning to control your own self is the key. This basically means turtle and don’t do stupid shit. Once you learn this, your opponent has to either guard crush you, catch you, or create such a good offense that you die quick. Which shouldn’t happen if you turtle your ass off. The other thing is having good execution and timing.


everybody and their grandma can RC nowadays, and if you don’t consistently fight against it, then you’re in trouble. everybody has their story of “the first time i faced RC’s…” and they usually involve an OCV or something very close to it. arturo and fubarduck showed me what that’s like.


PS- the geese has a point about emotional control also, you really need to keep a cool head during a match and not get flustered when you get hit by some stupid shit and let it affect the rest of the match. something i still need to work on- if you miss a big combo or RC, don’t try to re-create the setup to prove that you CAN hit it.

WORD. :karate:

ah ok I see what u mean… and I kno what u mean… my first RC I ever faced was an RC guile… omg… but that was long time ago… and Ive come a very long way…

but its really good to mix up ur style in a game with different characters…

yes keeping a cool head is kool but keeping a live and fun head is even better =)