How to make USA ps2 slim play jap/imports

how to convert USA ps2 slim to play japanese,import games and such. just found out that i want to play guiltygear slash for my us ps2 cause i live in california. and does it play all japanese games if so then im gonna go buck wild on some arcade shooters from japan :slight_smile: please help with feedback thank you.

The cheapest and easiest way i think is to get Swap Mafic with the slider tool

either that or you would need to get it chipped there are plenty of places about on the internet that will chip it up for you.

hope this helps


wow thx big thats everything i needed without chipping or soldering!!! yay thx man my video game sparkle is back in action with jap import shooters!!! greatly appreciated.

ok now im eharing this swap magic thing wont play most jap games and imports?? true or false i want to order raiden 3 on lik-sang but if their is a chance it might not work then i dont know what to buy please help.

I’ve never heard of this product before. I always wanted to play import titles on my PS2 but didn’t want to mod it, now I’ve found a better solution, dope! The Swap Magic and Slider Tool seems very safe and easy to use. Does anyone happen to know where else to safely order this product? Seems like you can’t place an order there on the main site, most of the links are dead and the site is very laggy. Mainly why I want to get it now is because of ‘‘Guitar Freaks V + Drum Mania V’’ and some other titles, does anyone if that kind of title will work by using this?

This is the web site I bought mine from, although it seems to have changed since I bought it last year. If you have the old PS2, you need a slide card/tool. But if you have a slim line PS2 you need a slim tool.

Go to solderless. There seems to be 2 versions of each tool package. Although the top ones are more expensive, I can’t see any difference besides one of the tools being metal. If anyone can figure out the difference, let me know.

Edit: Make sure you order the correct discs for you region, i.e. PAL/UK, NTSC/USA or NTSC/JAP, otherwise you could end up with a disc that wont even load lol.

so since im from US do i order the jap version so it loads for jap games or are you saying if im from US get the US version. sorry stupid question i know money is hard to come by for me.

Swap magic is awesome! Been using it for my slim ps2 for awhile now. Easy to setup and use and you can play all the imports you want. And no… you don’t need to order the jap version.

ok on the box of my ps2 slim the model says scpg-70012 but the swapmagic 3 site says it works for schp-700000 do you know if it would still works on mine. and i emailed that site couple times bout ordering one and now they wont reply does anyone esle sell some. can you guys help me find supplier for one please thx.

Order the correct dics for you region console. So if you have a US PS2, order the US Swap Magic discs.

You know, it’s not exactly hard to type Swap Magic 3.6 in google and find out for your self. And you musn’t have given them long to reply, I only posted the web site today.

i got the website from bigbad 2-3 days ago. its on the second post, sorry

Oh ok, no problem.

get a flip top

Uhmm… The slim PS2’s come with a built in Flip Top.

has anyone bought frmo this site before it seems pretty cheap. sntsc is the version i asume for usa

NTSC/USA. Japan is also NTSC.

i mean a modded fliptop…

Tekneekz i have ordered mine from that site and got it with no issues and it works great its really simple to use and comes with all the instructions you need.

If your not happy about getting it from the site then ebay has lots of them some are even cheaper than the site so youu could look there.

Other than that i would just do as Demon Dash said and search in google for Swap magic there should be alot of places that sell it.

I dont know which version you would need however since i have a PAL ps2 perhaps Chaos Prophet can help you out seeing as he has one.


just get it modded

Yes! They have breaker Pro (And don’t charge over 20$ for shipping and handling) good news since I’ve been wanting to play Valkyrie profile but my original copy got sent to hell by my dog during one of her ‘teething’ periods… :wasted:

I’m ordering from them so I’ll post how it goes for me.