How to make Vewlix layout "circles" around buttons - photoshop video tutorial


EDIT: changed topic title now that there is a video explaining how to make them. Thanks to Jasen Hicks!

Hi all,

Back to posting after 4 years of silent lurking.

I’d like to make a new custom arcade stick, and I really like the Vewlix layout that has concentric circles on the panel around the buttons and stick dust washers.

While I can find many Vewlix .jpg artworks for MCZ TE and other retail sticks, what I would need would be a PSD file with just the drawing/layout around stick and buttons.

I would like to incorporate this into the artwork I’m already creating and I’m wondering if some pious soul here on Tech Talk can help me.

Alternatively, if someone could explain me how to make it in photoshop by myself it would also be greatly appreciated!


is this what you’re looking at?

if you’re ready to pay for a commission (spelling) @d3v is your guy. ridiculously good and cheap


Strokes. Lots of Strokes. I just made a quick video on it… it’s uploading to YouTube now. Give it a few minutes :smiley:


Wow, Jasen, thanks so much, that’s exactly what I meant! A video tutorial in 2 hours from my original post, what an amazing community SRK is!


No problems! I always help when I can :smiley: