How to Maximize Training Room Time


Hello all. I would like to ask the veterans here how to maximize my time training. A signature I repeatedly read states “It just comes down to this: scrubs will always make excuses for sucking at games, and good players will find ways to optimize their practice time and level up more quickly.” and I’ve been really thinking about that more as of late.

While I mainly play KoF and UmvC3 I know that the base strategies remain fundamentally the same. Basically all I do in training mode is work on the BnB of my characters. I set recoveries and throw escapes to random to help with tech chasing. I know training modes hold a lot of options but unsure where to really do with it. I would like to make the jump from “scrub” to “good player” as shown in the quote above. I appreciate any feedback.


I training practice, before jumping online, consists of 20 minute crash course each time.
-do basic BnB’s for all three characters
-put computer on all block, and practice my spiderman pressure (doesnt have to be spiderman, obviously)
-try for the life of me do relaunch with zero buster (goddamn do I suck at this, I usually spend 30 minutes doing this)
-Figure out better Doom midscreen combos (I guess which goes under BnB, but whatever)

Then I ofcourse, do this on 5 bar then 4 then 3.

I tend to practice on things I can’t deal with, in my case Deadpool constant jumping back. So I put deadpull to jump back and such and try figuring out good ways to fix that. One thing to not spend all focus on is your combos, you need to figure out ways to get that shit to work and avoid the other players shit.

Now just wait for an obvious better resource because i’m probably wrong :S


I’m pretty interested in hearing long-time players opinions on this as well, It’s something I’ve always struggled with.

When I used to play 6-8 hours of SFIV/day (vanilla, 1st year of uni) I would spend 2-4 of those in training mode going over my go-to combos again and again, unfortunately I didn’t research well enough to discover I was using sub-optimal combos and I never practiced my high damage combo for when the opponent was dizzied, which actually cost me a lot more games than I ever would have thought it could.

But that’s about all I ever did, practice combos and sometimes reversal timings and try to use random block to help with hit-confirming things like Balrog’s jabs.

I think an important aspect, one I ignored like a tool is research. For example had I know that Balrog’s st.lp could combo into, I would have practiced that a lot more because it’s essential. Now I only get 2 evenings and weekends to myself and am really looking to maximize my training time while learning Hugo in SF3.


What i do for labs is work on my bnb for all three characters as well as try to do a reset ( only done them by luck ) but i also like to pick the same characters for the cpu and let the cpu go at it for about 1 hr while i watch ( if the cpu can pull off a combo i haven’t do then i can do it as well right lol )


It’s really all about putting in as much mental work as possible in the shortest amount of time possible. I, like most people, look up videos on YouTube and attempt useful combos until muscle memory takes over. Take notes too, through Wordpad or something.


yeah i been doing that but i found there aren’t many guides out. so i was thinking of doing one explaining advance but common tactics all/most characters can use.