How to measure progress


Hello again I have a question, how do I measure my progress in terms of getting better specifically at MvC 3 (I know there’s a forum for MvC 3). I’ve been using a TE fightstick for the first time ever in my life and it’s definitely been a learning process. At this point I still can’t really pull off some advanced combos nor can I really dominate a fight but I use some tactics, like zoning and basic combos to pull out some wins. I still get beat by people who I feel I shouldn’t lose to. I was wondering if I was making decent progress at this rate or should I try something different and how long will it take until I start seeing some real results? (Advanced combos and dominating matches)


it sounds like you’re making some good progress. You’re not going to be able to adapt to joystick that quickly. Keep practicing/playing & you’ll get more wins/more proficient with your joystick skills.