How to minimize a files bytes?

I dunno how exactly ask this but my ps cs crapped out on me, its a kaaza thing and i guess the crack gave out but ya anyways i oped up psp but when i saved my drawing as a jpega nd tried uploading it, shoryuken said it was too big. I’m not very into psp so i dunno how to minimize it not size wise but i dunno bytes wise. Cause ps has the byte wise everytime you save soemthing but i don’t know how to do it on a psp. If no one knows imma have to reinstall ps 5.0 god thats going back two whole versions things ancient.

open it in paint then click on Image then click Streech/Skew then make it smaller thats what I do, it seems to work well, i guess.

Hmm never used psp but I always put it on a reso of 100 and size of five or six. Maybe resize it in psp until you get it right?

i got it, i just cut some excess blank space.