How to mod a Vtech Vsmile stick


Since I got such great feedback and a lot of rep from this mod when I posted it in the “Check out my new stick” thread, I decided to make a how-to thread for everyone to be able to make their own vsmile stick. You’ll need three things for this mod. A vsmile stick, a cthulhu, and a usb cord. You can use a MC cthulhu board instead if you want to also play on PS2 and GC/Wii (you’ll also need a ps2 and gc cord too). I highly suggest buying the vsmile controller off ebay since you can get the whole system, a few games, and some controllers in one auction for cheap compared to the stores. Then you can keep one of the controllers for this mod and give the rest as a present to your kid or someone else you know who has any children.

Lets start out by unscrewing the 6 screws circled in green. Three of them are under the rubber pads.

**That green board is the original controller pcb. You’ll need to desolder off all the wires that are connected to it and you can either leave the board there or remove it.
In the other circle you’ll see a spring. Be careful with it! Take it out for the time being and put it in a safe place. The two wires that are poking out come from a contact pad in the sliding mechanism. As the controller is rotated around, the contact pads get touched and lets the controller board know to invert the sticks inputs. Since we are removing the board, we will have to implement our own joystick inverting, but I haven’t bothered with doing that yet (i.e. I’m too lazy). **

Unscrew these three screws

Unscrew the four screws that are circled

I replaced the original leds with new white leds. The left hole is the + and the right hole is the -

Each led has a 1k ohm resistor on the + pin. Also make sure to place the usb cord under the board.

**Wire pinout. Find the wire that has the color strip on it. This will denote wire 1.

blue-3K (question mark)
5–3P (big enter button)

2-1K (Green button)
3-1K (Green led)
5-1P (Yellow button)
6-1P (Yellow led)
7-2P (Blue button)
8-2P (Blue led)
9-2K (Red button)
10-2K (Red led)**



**Enjoy putting the controller back together. The only place to fit the cthulhu board is under the big enter button. If anyone else does decide to do this too, please post pics/videos to this thread. Especially if you beat someone with it! **

video of it tested on laptop

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Well played sir. Well played. AFK trying this mod.


LMAO! Oh my God, I can’t stop laughing!

What is this, a Fisher Price toy? Are you serious?! Damn, yo. Props to you though. That’s mad pro right there. I would totally use this stick and whoop some candy ass. That’s pretty cool. This has to be the smallest stick I’ve ever seen. Too bad they don’t have Sanwa buttons that fit.


You HAVE to go to tournaments with this thing.
I cant imagine anything more embarassing than losing to someone with a fisher-price stick.


You are a God amongst men.


Imagine the glory if one where to win a KOF tournament with this.




I didn’t know that you finished it.
I finished mine too.
Good stuff.


That’s some serious badass shit son.

It’s great to see the modding process you used to wire it to a cthulhu.


Requesting some gameplay video.


It’s technically made by vtech.

Yeah, I finished it a little over a week ago. Did you do anything differently?

I’m going to a tournament Oct 3. Hopefully they will have at least one ps3 for me to use in the tournament. Will record videos there.


Holy shit, that’s awesome :rofl:

I think I may make one so that when people bitch that I don’t use a stick I can bust that shit out!

brb, buying a Vsmile


Wow, I gotta see the video of you pwning someone with that stick.


That’s some mad shit, man. Gonna throw this mod on my “to-do” list. :slight_smile:


Someone, sticky this.



You are a hot mess for that! Lets see Xzibit top this shit!
Great Job dude :slight_smile:


Holy…! There’s only one tournament I know that’s coming up on October 3rd. I’m bringing a digital camera. I need to see this stick in action. I will see you there.

By the way, let me use the stick for at least one match in KOF XI. It would be epic. :woot:




This is the best SNK/Blazblue stick ever!