How to mod Q2 or Q3raf with a myungshin fanta stick help?

hi guys i got a new myungshin fanta stick black , but how can i replace the sanwa into myungshin fanta stick ? i saw some images but couldnt find a tutorial , help :slight_smile:

gonna take some heavy modding if it’s even possible. I’m guessing you noticed the two sticks are different.

I suggest the Crown CWJ-303A over the myungshin fanta for installation into an arcade stick that used to house a Sanwa JLF.

Myungshin fanta stick install is not impossible, but you need to have metalworking tools for it to mount correctly.

KISS principle just like Darksakul.

I know it’s perhaps not what you really wanted but you’ll save yourself a lot of headaches in at least the short run…

A mod of any joystick case to fit in a non-compatible joystick lever is not something to be sneezed at!
So says a guy a who drilled out the non-universal joystick mounts on at least 4, maybe 5 Hori licensed HRAP variants… I ruined one faceplate in the process; it got accidentally bent out of shape too far to be practical to use anymore. Ended up selling the base of that HRAP variant to another SRK member who was getting a custom faceplate.

Agree with Darksakul. Either use the new Crown stick that mounts Japanese style, or you’ll have to also buy a replacement panel that’s fitted for a Fanta. That’s the only easymodes to do this. If you had an aptitude for metalworking, you’d already know how to mod your current panel yourself, so that out of the question.

thx for the tip, i already using crown with one of my sticks, i just want to know , can i use fanta with my 2nd arcade stick , i checked but :slight_smile: without metalwork thats impossible as you say, so is there any panel for this ? i search but coulndt find any seller.

Any metal shop can fabricate a panel for you, but you have to provide the measurements and layout in either a CAD or PSD (Photoshop) file.

Galen offers the service to do the metalwork on your panel and install the stick last I saw, try PMing him for details