How to Mod the art on you TE Fightstick


Ummm… truth be told I have no earthly idea how this is done and no one in the templates thread or anywhere else I have looked/inquired seems to want to give an answer. I have PM’d some people as well, and have been ignored. So, since I don’t know how to change out the art properly and I have noticed some people in the other threads I’ve checked for help looking for the same information, I thought I would start a thread myself and see if someone could come through for the TE stick like others have for the SE. I just got my TE and would really love it to look as great as many of the other members look, but not at the expense of ruining the stick or completely mucking the job up. All information on this subject is insanely appreciated. Unfortunately, all I can offer by way of thanks is a debt of gratitude to any and all who contribute here to help make my own, as well as others new to the TE, stick as awesome as I have seen evidenced it could be! Thanks again!


i PMed ya


Someone make a sticky about TE art modding so its easier to follow. SOMEONE!!!


just posted this up…hope it helps some of you guys out


You answered my prayers. Thank you so much.


@ protomanSTi: Thank you!

Also, a thanks to beastSPL for this simple and straightforward explanation:

"It isnt very hard… considering that its flat and isnt curved like a SE, so doing lamilabel is a bit easier… but that isnt your only option as you can get a plexi cover… print your own art on regular paper or what not and put the plexi right over the art and your TE will look even better…

overall the changing of the art is just like the SE … youll remove the top panel, remove your buttons and stick… and remove the original art, from there assuming youve already made a TE template, you can either lamilabel your art and stick it on as the original art on the TE was or get plexi and do it that way…

i got my plexi from Arthong, he has a thread dedicated to his product my TE is actually on page 3… so yea! that should do it for changing art on a TE! hope this helps…"

Ahhh… Good Stuff!