How to mod this?


I’m hoping one of you technological geniuses here can assist me with this project. I bought a NeoGeo Stick 2 for PS3, hoping to mod it into a 360 controller (I have a brawlpad already wired up), but when I opened it, I saw this:

The main four buttons have solder points (though the microswitches are soldered to the PCB), but the R1/R2/L1/L2 buttons have rubber underneath the PCB. There’s also no Home button, only Start and Select.

I have no damn clue where to start modding this. I’d rather do it myself and not send it to someone, but I may have to if this project looks like hope is lost.

For reference, the top of the stick:

I wanted to take another picture of the PCB, but there’s a metal plate that covers it (that seems unremovable due to the microswitches going through it? Not sure)

Really hoping one of you know how the hell I can do this. Been dying to use one of these.


it looks common ground at least
you could probably solder to the little points to tap the buttons but i’m not so sure about start/select


The buttons I’m sure of, except for the four I mentioned, because they’re rubber instead of the standard metal contact. Not sure if there’s metal under it?


Expert here.

Select and Start.
Three wires; red, yellow, white.
Yellow is Ground, red and white is Signal.

Or so I think.
Your picture does not help me.

For Guide with no dedicated button.


Yeah, I’d have to look at the PCB again but that sounds right iirc.

Now that Guide is covered… where exactly should I start for turning this into a 360 stick?


Bump. I can take more pictures or map out a diagram if need be. I’d love to start working on this soon.