How to mount a ls-32

Hi, i was just comparing mounting plates, and noticed that the jlf has the little holes in a straight line across the middle of their mounting plates and the ls-32 (not pcb) has them on a diagona. my question is, how the hell would you mount one of those? Would you use the 4 corners or something? This will probably get answered quick so ill delete the thread after.

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this help any?

Thanks for trying, but i am looking for how to mount the non pcb ls-32

Yeah, the diagonal holes work fine for mounting. If you’re putting it in a TE (or other stick with a JLF mount), it’ll sit pretty low though, I’d recommend getting an SS mounting plate.

yah byt in a TE or something im fairly sure there is a straight line for holes what do you do put it on a slight angle?

the plate will mount once you get an s mount and turn it sideways compared to the JLF mount plate. itll fit by screwing in the corners

For fuck’s sake! That is the most obvious thing in the world. i asked this SPECIFICALLY to know how you would mound one with flat plate.

if you mount with a flat plate your stick will be mounted too low, thats why he’s recommending the SS plate.

you can mount it, but it’s gonna sit low, about 1cm lower. why don’t you try it? instead of raising your voice at people trying to help. no love for canada

The Seimitsu RE Mounting Plate uses the same holes as Sanwa JLF-P-1.

The Seimitsu RE Mounting Plate uses the same holes as Sanwa JLF-P-1.

By taking out the flat RE plate then replacing it with an SS plate.

For fucks sake, quit with that attitude. People have already been telling you the correct way to do it. Despite the fact that the holes do line up (as stated by jdm), you are not supposed to use an RE plate with the TE mounting bracket because doing so will have the stick mounted at the wrong height!

/facepalm. i’m not trying to do it, i have no ls-32, it makes sense that it would sit low, my question was how you would work around the weirdly spaced screw holes.

Seimitsu Joysticks have holes in their Bases that match to the holes on their Mounting Plate.

wow how hard of a question is this to asnwer.

The screw holes are on a diagonal instead of the usual one line across. how are you supposed to mount that on something with holes in a straight line.

Use some common sense. Turn the joystick diagonal 35* so the joystick will match up. DUHHHH.

That’s what i guessed but i didn’t know. I figured i would get an answer like that a little bit before like 13 replies mostly useless.

Man, I still don’t know your question.

it doesn’t matter it’s been answered